Guindulman Attractions

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Basdio Marine Sanctuary

The Basdio Marine Sanctuary is 18.4 hectares of fishing ground established by the fishermen of Barangay Basdio in an effort to improve and protect the marine resources in the area which is their perennial source of food and income. This came about when the fishermen realized that their fish catch decreased due to destructive fishing practices involving the use of dynamite and fine mesh nets.

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Guindulman Church of the Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion

The Guindulman Church is dedicated to the Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion and is located at the Poblacion, at barangay Tabajan. The church was built in 1881; the lower portion made of coral stone blocks while the upper part of concrete and wood. The church took a long time to finish, culminating in 1950.

A portico, supporting a balcony, is in front of the main façade. Ornaments inside the church and which graces the altar, dates back to the 1950’s and 60’s. Aside from the altar, the church is relatively bare except for the wooden pews.

Burial Caves

Burial Caves can be found in Barangay Basdio, a few meters away from the Basdio Marine Sanctuary. The caves are located high up on cliffs which are very steep and needs climbing equipment to reach them. One cave is quite accessible and does not need climbing paraphernalia yet is a bit disappointing since it has been ransacked by grave robbers. Remaining coffins are open and some without lid with the bones scattered all around.


The Eskaya is an indigenous tribe found in the hinterlands of the towns of Duero, Guindulman, Pilar and Sierra Bullones, Bohol’s southeast interior. The original settlement is at Biabas, Guindulman and remains so up to the present. Established in the early 20th century by Mariano Datahan who died in the year 1949, the tribe now is under the leadership of Capt. Juan Datahan.

A second settlement was established at Taytay, under the municipality of Duero in the year 1951; founded by Fabian Baja under Datahan’s instructions. Eventually, the group spread to nearby Canta-ub, Lundag, Tambungan, Cadapdapan and Fatimah in Candijay. The Eskaya has a unique cultural heritage. They use a distinct language and literature, and have traditional practices that dates way back to pre-Spanish times.

Guindulman Beaches

The coast of Guindulman is lined with black and white sand with intermittent cliffs. Most of them are public beaches and are maintained by the municipality. There are a few resorts: the Coco White Beach Resort and the Bituon Beach Resort, which offers room accommodations and meals. The Coco White Beach Resort is located along the Bay of Guindulman; while the Bituon Beach Resort is strategically situated on top some cliffs with its own stretch of beach.

One can enjoy swimming on the beach situated behind the Municipal Hall and some private residences. The beach there is of black sand with rounded colored pebbles all around for avid collectors. On the other side, way beyond the small docking area, the beach is of fine black sand.

Camp Bernido

Camp Bernido was once the headquarters of the Bohol Area Command, established by Esteban Bernido during World War II. Under Bernido’s leadership, the first burst of guerilla warfare was waged against the Japanese in 1943. Bernido, who is considered by most as a World War II hero, later became the Provincial Governor of Bohol. There are plans of developing the camp for tourism purposes.

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