Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol

The Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol is a mountain resort set on the lush banks of the pea green Loboc River run by a Belgian couple named Rita and Chris. The resort has developed a tropical garden on the waterside and built thatched huts on stilts under coconut trees. A restaurant is built 150 steps up the mountainside. This thatched hut is an open terrace lounge with a majestic view of the opposite mountainside and the green river below.

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You never get bored viewing the valleys below and opposite. Lights and shadows cast upon the mountainside changes constantly, from the time the sun rises until it sets. Aside from the jungle environment, guests can explore the countryside by hiking, biking, boating and swimming. The owners have thoroughly explored the region and are willing to give information, guidance and assistance to guests in quest of adventures.

Others who want to just relax and take a much needed rest can laze away in a hammock and enjoy listening to good music or read books from the resorts’ library. An herbal sauna is also available for those who want to indulge and soak up natures’ bounty.

Getting to Nuts Huts

Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol is located on the eastern part of the Loboc River and a three-hour drive inland from the port of Tagbilaran City, the only city of the province of Bohol. You can take a taxi from the airport or pier and head for the Nuts Huts turnoff sign then walk for 10 minutes to the resort.

Another way is to ride a bus with a “Carmen/Chocolate Hills” sign from the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal at Tagbilaran City, drop off at the Nuts Huts turnoff sign and then walk for 10 minutes until you reach the resort.

A more exciting way is by boat from Loboc town up to the Nuts Huts landing stage.

Facilities & Services

Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol has facilities and services that would make your stay comfortable and unforgettable. Native Huts Huts are built above ground on stilts with a jungle background and a beautiful view of the river.

Standard Rooms cost P450, VIP Rooms P600, and Dorm Rooms from P250 to P350. The huts are provided with bamboo beds with mattresses and corresponding mosquito nets. Walls are made of amakan and floors of hardwood slabs. Bathrooms are provided.


An open terrace lounge is situated up the mountainside, and commands a beautiful view of the river below and the hills opposite. The lounge offers a hammock, rocking chair and a comfortable lounge chair where you can laze and relax while enjoying the cool breeze and admiring the mountainside.

The restaurant is a big thatched hut, very spacious and has a jungle-look being surrounded by trees and rich vegetation. Tables are made of thick wooden slabs, either covered with red cloth or uncovered. Bulbs for lighting use buri hats as shades and adds a native effect to the restaurant.

The restaurant is 150 stone steps up from the landing stage. The steps up to the top total 276 steps. The restaurant serves very delicious Western-Asian style dishes.

Bike Rentals
Mountain bikes are available for the adventurous and for those who do not want to ride a crowded jeepney or bus.

Motorbike Rentals
Motorbikes are for rent for those who want to explore neighboring countryside faster and much easier though a bit expensive compared to the mountain bike.

Music Library Nuts Huts library is well-stocked. You are free to get a book and read while resting on a hammock.

Herb-infused Sauna/Massage

The Belgian owners of Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol had set up a sauna in the middle of a tropical jungle setting. Experience the sauna with the steam infused with some native leaves that create a smoke that is heavenly. The experience will leave your skin clean and refreshed while respiration will greatly improve if you have cough or colds.


Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol is really that, a retreat! Many foreigners go there for peace and quite or for a much more different experience like hiking, biking, cave hunting, boating and swimming in a river with mountains on both sides. This little jungle paradise is so different from the sun and sea of Panglao Island.

Huts are very clean and well-maintained and command a very good view of the river and the surrounding mountainside. Even if you don’t spend the night, try their fresh and very delicious food and stunning view from the restaurant.

Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol


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