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Our Bohol Divers Resort Ecperience April 26-28, 2011

by Cindy Paraiso

We arrived Panglao Bohol Divers Resort on the 26 of April 2011 at around 12 or 1 pm from Cebu where we took a ferry from. It was our first time in Bohol and our friend who was in panglao for the holy week made reservations for us at the Paragayo Resort. WE cancelled our reservations because we thought it would be better to stay by the beach front since we had kids with us.So we walked around, asked around until we finally decided we will stay at the Panglao Bohol Divers Resort. We got all our bags and headed to their lobby. We were 8 adults and had 4 kids with us. We were all in front of the reception area with our laugages while my bestfriend and I were inquiring about our stay.We were advised to get 2 rooms which is good for 4 adults each room and we were allowed 2 kids each room for an additonal fee of P300/child.The rooms we checked were descent with tv, ref, 2 double beds and pull outs. And so we agreed we will check in and infact paid in full for our 2 night stay in their resort. We were all excited took our bags ourselves to our rooms and we were all off to the beach for a swim.
After dinner we all decided to call it a night and as we prepared the kids to bed we noticed there were no bedsheets for the pull out beds. So Iwent with my son to the lobby and asked if I can have some bedsheets for the kids and now my most unforgetable experience started.... There was a lady in the front desk and a gay person who was most rude to us. They were insisting I pay additional P200 for the bedsheets and an additional P500 per pull out bed that I will use for the kids. They said with all hostility that it was the rule of their resort....to be rude? I dont think this people at Bohol Divers Resort knows the meaning of customer service at all! This gay person who i assumed was the night manager was so rude he was even asked me if I sneeked in people in our room? where the hell do you get this kind of peole to represent your resort? They said it is really how they run things...We have travelled so many times in so many places but was never treated this way at a resort we all thought was one of the best in Panglao.The gay person even raised his voice at me saying " o sige na...sige na bigyan niyo nalang yan!!"...... and for that I WILL NEVER>>EVER go this this Panglao Divers Resrt EVER in my entire life and will never ever recommend you to ANYBODY.....I was never humiliated,descriminated and insulted in my entire travelling life. I will make sure to tell people of my experience in this resort...My mom asked for hot water for her coffee and she was charged P30 for the hot water...the people there dont smile...never greets their guests.....IT WAS MY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER IN ANY OF OUR FAMILY TRIPS!!! I wanted to speak to the owner but she was not there. I wanted her to know the people she hired would ruin the image of her resort. They are very rude!!

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