Paradise Hills Resort

Wanting to submerge in a really cool water of a fresh spring? Why not try to experience of one of Bohol’s best kept secrets, the Paradise Hills Resorts at its best. Savor God’s promise to nature.

Paradise Hills Resort is one of the most visited places in Bohol. It is located in the secluded place of Sierra Bullones, in Barangay Matin-ao, more than five kilometers away from the Poblacion, Sierra Bullones.

Buses are the usual transportation to the resort if you travel by groups. However, it is best if you have your own vehicle because the schedules of the buses are uncertain. Besides, the roads are not that trouble-free. Road to the resort is in the process of improvement.

The entrance fee ranges from 20-40 pesos per head. Children below 10 years old are discounted. You still have to climb 99 steps before reaching the journey’s end. Along the way, plants are growing vigorously, especially white Anthoriums and Birds of Paradise, which abound in the sideways.

Inside, plants are properly cultivated. Bermuda grass covers the entire land. Most of the plants, if not Bird of Paradise, are flowery and colorful. Majestic mountains at the sides has breathtaking views. A stay here is like being one with nature.

Paradise Hills Resort is part of BAHRR or the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants. When viewed from afar, it is like a private residential house but inside is a spacious dining room, catering special occasions like weddings, birthdays and many more.

The ambiance is relaxing with flowery designs all over. Available amenities include Business Center, Games Room, Conference/ Function Rooms, Souvenir Shop, Laundry Services, Medical Facilities, Restaurant and Karaoke. Rooms available are Haven and Standard Room for 2.

Cemented cottages are available outside for guests who are bringing food and other stuffs. There are 10 of it, connected with each other, only divided by a wall. Shower rooms and restrooms are present around the vicinity.

The spring waters flow down to the resort from its source and diverted to the resort. The water is constantly flowing and away it goes to the river outside the resort.

The waters are unspoiled, free from contamination. Unlike other resorts, Paradise Hills offers chemical-free waters. It is clean and refreshingly cold. A dip is like a bath in a tub full of ice cubes.

There are actually three pools. The one nearest to the cottages is the deepest pool with depth of 12 feet. Expert swimmers will enjoy here. On the upper part is the second deepest pool with a maximum depth of eight (8) feet and minimum of four (4).

The smallest pool is designed for the active children who don’t want to miss the fun while in the resort. It measures only two (2) to three (3) feet with a mini-waterfall. The water here is much colder than in the bigger pools. Actually, the last two pools are interconnected. The water from the children’s pool flows into the bigger one separated by a bridge.

Proud to be a 4-star hotel, Paradise Hills Resort offers nothing but the best for the tourists. From the place to the view to ambiance, a complete relaxation is surely guaranteed.

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