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Antequera Tourist Spots

The town of Antequera is blessed with waterfalls and karst caves, not to forget the Abatan River, “Tubig Daku” and the Boho Spring. These natural wonders are now often visited by local as well as foreign tourists. Aside from these natural beauty spots, the town of Antequera also receives visitors in search of their well-known cottage industry: basketry. Baskets are displayed at the town’s market every Sunday.

Mag-aso Falls

The Mag-aso Falls is one of Bohol’s natural treasures. With a height of 25 feet, the twin falls is picturesque against a backdrop of tall trees, wild plants including giant ferns, and deep ravines. Once on the site, while bathing and surrounded by the natural landscape, one feels immersed in a middle of a jungle with the sound of the interminable chirping of the birds and the rush of flowing waters playing music to your ears. The falls can be found in barangay Mag-aso.

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Inambacan Falls

The Inambacan Falls is another beautiful cascading waterfall also in a forest setting. Its estimated output is about 8,000 gallons per minute which all drain to the Abatan River. Only one kilometer from the Poblacion of Antequera, the falls is a potential source of water supply for drinking and irrigation.

Inambacan Cave

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The Inambacan Cave is located at barangay Villa Aurora, two kilometers from the center of Antequera town. The caves’ special feature is the cavern with small stalactites and stalagmites which is often submerged in flowing water. In one area, the water may go over 1.20 meters deep where only a mere 30 centimeters of space remains before the ceiling. Visitors may take a delightful swim in its underground stream which has been traced by cavers for 8 hours yet the stream’s end was never established. Local guides are necessary if one goes spelunking in the area. Traces of Eskaya writings were found inside the cave by Engr. Jes B. Tirol of the University of Bohol that dates back to 600 A.D.

Buhong Tiawan Cave

The Buhong Tiawan Cave is located one and a half kilometer from the town center of Antequera, Bohol. The entrance of the cave can be found in the wall of a limestone hill and to reach it one has to walk one kilometer through dense vegetation. The entrance is estimated to be 3 by 5 meters wide, and leads to a cavern that is less than 100 meters long. Dripstones, of various types, can be found inside. In the annals of history, this cave served as a hideout of the locals during the Japanese occupation. At present, the cave is the home of birds and bats.

Hagakgak Cave

The Hagakgak Cave is located two kilometers from the center of Antequera town. The cave can be reached via a dense trail whose entrance is estimated to be 15 meters wide at the base of a sinkhole. The cave is literally undisturbed and is difficult to maneuver because the inside can be wet and muddy at times. There are portions where one has to pass thru narrow passages in order to enter a cavern where majestic formations of stalagmites and stalactites can be viewed. The rare albino crabs of the species sundathelphosa Filipina and fishes have adapted themselves to this dark habitat. Antequera Cave

The Antequera Cave is located in a village of Antequera town. The cave, where a summit pit is grown over with ferns, is known to be the home of pythons. It is otherwise called as the “snake pit”. The snakes feed on rats from the nearby fields.

Antequera Sunday Market

Sunday market at Antequera has its share of visitors who come in search of the town’s well-known cottage industry – basketry. Antequera baskets, from the smallest to the biggest size, are displayed every Sunday at the town’s market. Hailed as the Basket Capital of Bohol, Antequera has its share of visitors who come to see the baskets on display. These woven crafts are made out of wicker, rattan, bamboo, buri, nito, sig-id and other native materials and have eventually found its way to the international markets. Basket weaving has been the town’s main cottage industry for years.

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