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Antequera Bohol is hailed as the basket capital of Bohol. This inland town lies in the western part of the island about 18.5 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, the capital of the province and the major growth center of Bohol. A population of 14,357 people is scattered all throughout an estimated land area of 8,205 hectares.

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Bounded in the west by the towns of Calape & Loon, in the east by the town of Balilihan, in the northeast of San Isidro, in the southeast by Cortes and in the southwest by Maribojoc, Antequera Bohol has principally a rugged and rolling terrain with the lowlands used for agriculture.

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The town is composed of 21 barangays: Angilan, Bantolinao, Bicahan, Bitaugan, Bungahan, Canlaas, Cansibuan, Can-omay, Celing, Danao, Danicop, Mag-aso, Poblacion, Quinapon-an, Santo Rosario, Tabuan, Tagubaas, Tupas, Ubojan, Viga, Villa Aurora (Canoc-oc).

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Good roads traverse all 21 barangays which are interlaced with a network of rivers, brooks & creeks; most prominent of which is the Abatan River. The Abatan River cuts through the eastern side of the town down to the northern tip. It joins “Tubig Daku” brook and flows down to the sea passing rivers in the nearby towns.

Considered as a 5th class municipality, Antequera Bohol has a population of 14,357 people according to the 2007 census. With a fairly good weather all the year round, the town is blessed with an unspoiled green countryside. The town has a private high school – the Christ the King Academy – which offers complete secondary course.

Major agri-products are coconut, rice, corn, sweet potato (camote) and other root crops. Aside from basketry which has gained worldwide recognition, the people of Antequera also relies on farming, carpentry, the retail trade and other cottage industries. Basketry is one of the earliest industries to have been established in the town, whose weavers are mostly composed of women. Finished products range from the smallest to the biggest basket.

The town of Antequera Bohol boasts of several tourist spots. One major attraction, not only in the town but in the whole province of Bohol, is the Mag-aso Falls. Another attraction is the Inambacan Falls which is near the often featured Inambacan Cave. Other karst caves worthy of a visit are: the Buhong Tiawan Cave, the Hagakgak Cave and the Antequera Cave.

The people of Antequera Bohol are deeply religious and find expression of their faith in the attendance of religious activities in the parish. The parish was founded in 1880 and dedicated to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario whose feast day is celebrated every third Sunday of October.

The church of Antequera Bohol is not of massive stone and smaller, as compared to churches of other towns in Bohol. This blue and white-painted church is relatively new and made largely of tabique pampango and other light material. A notable feature of the church is its belfry or bell tower which is perched on the left-hand side of the church’s roof, rising way up high towards the sky. The belfry has a decorative dome as roofing with an image of Jesus, with outstretched arms, at its peak.

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