Extreme/Eco/Educational Danao

E.A.T. Danao is the town’s newest brainchild. “E.A.T.” does not only pertain to the partaking of the town’s organically grown and fresh food which is in abundance but also a whole new experience far superior to the common offer of Chocolate Hills’ tour, tarsier and dolphin/whale watching.

E.A.T. Danao is a tourism concept set up to benefit the municipality of Danao and its people. The tour involves responsible tour of Danao’s God-given gifts. It is the town’s major task to conserve these gifts and enhance them to sustain the well-being of all its constituents.

Danao offers unique and exhilarating activities in different categories set amidst verdant valleys framed by the majestic expanse of mountain ranges. To trim down the choices for the individual tourist, specific activities were grouped into three: Extreme, Economic, and Educational. So “E” stands for any of the three; “A” for Adventure; then “T” for Tour.

All these activities converged in one place which the town calls the Danao Adventure Park. The Park is located at barangay Magtangtang, 72 kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran and only about two (2) hours ride away.

Activities Offered Description Rate
Sky Ride A cable ride offering a gorgeous view of the river and the gorge. It is suspended 200 m above the ground. It is a 15 minute ride back and forth. Php 250.00 / pax
Plunge A breathtaking adventure where one has to do a 45-meter free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Php 700.00 / pax
Suislide A local version for zipline, or a slide for life. It is basically a zip-line consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline cliff. It has two lines, going back and forth. Php 350.00 / pax
River/Mountain Trekking/Hiking It is a combination of trekking, climbing, and swimming. One may choose to have 2 hrs, 3hrs, a half day or a whole day trek. Php 200.00 / pax
River Tubing   Php 200.00 / pax
River Kayaking   Php 200.00 / pax
Ziplet   Php 100.00 / pax
Wall Climbing This is a bracing climbing adventure using a 7.20m x 2.40m artificial wall with fiber glass holds or grips for hands and feet. With three different boards, one can choose to climb on an Easy, Moderate and Extreme wall. With a climbing gear, a belayer and a master jumper, climbers have all the convenience to hit the highest point. Php 100.00 / pax
Village Tour   Php 200.00 / pax
Rappelling (60m)   Php 600.00/pax (minimun of 5 persons)
Rappell with root climbing   Php 400.00 / pax
Root Climbing   Php 400.00 / pax
Caving   Php 350.00/pax (minimum of 5 persons)
Camping   25 per camper
Organic Farm Visitation    

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