Danao’s OTOP One Town One Product

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Here’s one for the vegetarians! Danao’s One Town One Product is organic and high-value vegetables and herbs which grow abundantly in the municipality. Vegies grown organically are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, legumes, bell pepper, cabbage and more.

Danao is an interior town in Bohol, Philippines about 94 kilometers from Tagbilaran City yet fairly near when you access it from Talibon. Lands are fertile and irrigated by the Wahig River. Climate is very conducive to farming with generous amount of rainfall all year round.

Finding these products to be the most viable in the town, the Local Government Unit of Danao led by Mayor Louis Thomas R. Gonzaga chose to submit it as its OTOP – a program of the President of the Philippines geared to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs in the municipality.

OTOP Philippines supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to manufacture, offer and market distinctive products or services through the use of indigenous raw materials and local skills and talents.

Organic and high-value vegetables truly fall under this category. It is the most distinctive product of the town and poses excellent potential not only in domestic but in foreign markets as well. At present, the municipality’s production is not enough to cater to the increasing provincial demand.

LGU-Danao is now sending a call for more farmers to produce more organically grown vegetables to meet the local demand. What of other markets? Potential markets for their OTOP lies immediately outside the province. Look to Cebu City, Negros and Leyte! With the government’s RORO (Roll Off Roll On) Program linking provinces together, marketing of the products has never been easier!

Danao’s OTOP is supported by the Gonzaga Foundation and the President’s OTOP program funding which has already been released to the municipality. Farmers don’t have to worry about possible markets. The government will take care of that! They have already set up marketing links. All the farmers have to do is to plant, nurture then harvest!

Its’ Inception

Organic and vegetable farming in Danao started in 2004 at the instigation of Mayor Gonzaga. Fully supported by the Gonzaga Foundation, a group of farmers were invited to an organizational meeting with representatives from the Foundation and the Local Government Unit of the town.

Early in 2005, an OTOP strategic planning workshop was conducted by the Department of Trade and Industries. It was participated in by the above group. After a bout of brainstorming activities, the group was able to come out with a strategic plan for the year. On July 2, 2006, the municipality’s OTOP was formally launched.

So far, the LGU of Danao has recorded a performance sales average of P15,000 per month with all their produce eaten up 100% locally. With promotion and intensive marketing and the participation of more farmers to the cause, income is envisioned to increase dramatically in the coming years!

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