E.A.T. Danao

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E.A.T. Danao is the town’s newest brainchild. “E.A.T.” does not only pertain to the partaking of the town’s organically grown and fresh food which is in abundance but also a whole new experience far superior to the common offer of Chocolate Hills’ tour, tarsier and dolphin/whale watching.

E.A.T. Danao is a tourism concept set up to benefit the municipality of Danao and its people. The tour involves responsible tour of Danao’s God-given gifts. It is the town’s major task to conserve these gifts and enhance them to sustain the well-being of all its constituents.

Danao offers unique and exhilarating activities in different categories set amidst verdant valleys framed by the majestic expanse of mountain ranges. To trim down the choices for the individual tourist, specific activities were grouped into three: Extreme, Economic, and Educational. So “E” stands for any of the three; “A” for Adventure; then “T” for Tour.

All these activities converged in one place which the town calls the Danao Adventure Park. The Park is located at barangay Magtangtang, 72 kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran and only about two (2) hours ride away.

As of December 2008, the zip line in Danao town, province of Bohol is the Philippines' longest and tallest zip line. It traverses around half a kilometer from one mountain to another, taking you to a one-minute exhilirating ride. A video taken with Josh on the zip line in Danao, one of the newest tourist attractions in the province. The mayor of Danao calls it "sui-slide". It's the closest you can get to a suicide experience.

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E.A.T. Danao - Extreme Adventure Tour Danao

The Extreme Adventure Tour entails great and intense mountaineering activities plus river tubing – a local version of river rafting using simple rubber tires and paddles. Kayaks are also available for use. The river trail varies in difficulty and length and is greatly affected by weather conditions. Provided there is no storm or heavy rain, one can enjoy a smooth ride down the river while observing the different flora and fauna along the way.

Danao’s terrain is rugged with cliffs and impressive rock formations perfect for climbing and rappelling. An area where the roots of a balite tree intricately weaves its way down a cliff for a few meters is a good area for root climbing. Other activities offered are bouldering and the Zip Line and Tyrolean Traverse.

E.A.T. Danao – Eco Adventure Tour Danao

The eco-tour may refer to the economic tour of the town yet also includes an ecological tour of the place. The tour involves river and mountain trekking, mountain biking, and more.

A trail has been set up with ropes at both sides as hand grips to ease your way up to a viewing deck where one can observe and enjoy spectacular sunrises/sunsets amidst the blue-green colored mountain ranges and rolling hills. See the Wahig River as it winds in and out of boulders and crevices. Observe the rich forests of Wahig-Inabanga watershed and the marvelous river ecosystem.

A tour of the town’s farming and fishing livelihood is an option with a visit to the town villages. Danao has an area developed for scientific yet organic farming of vegetables and fruits. Sumptous and delicious meals of their produce can be availed of at the Danao Accommodation Center.

E.A.T. Danao - Educational Adventure Tour

The Educational Tour involves the tour of the historic sites of Danao which includes the Francisco Dagohoy Cave and the historical marker. Get educated about environmental, cultural heritage preservation and sustainable agriculture through discussions about watersheds and natural landscapes.

The tour involves river crossings, boulder hopping and trekking up the hill where Dagohoy stood his ground in a final battle against the Spaniards. Explore the caves of Danao and forest ecosystem. There are various caves but only three (3) are declared safe for tourists by DENR.

With the E.A.T. Danao program, the Danao Tourist Accommodation Center was built. Now the town can offer complete tour facilities to its guests. The Center’s separate cottages can accommodate a total of 16 people. Each cottage costs P600. An extra bed costs an additional P200. The town Mayor’s farm house can accommodate 50 persons.

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For more information about EAT Danao, call Loinda Saluan at the Municipal Tourism Office 0917 302 1701 or Lumen Gonzaga at 0920 528 0155 or Mayor Thomas Louis Gonzaga at 507-3106 local 187.

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