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The Anda Global Beach Resort is twice blessed! It is situated in an area where the sand is white and very fine. The waters from the shoreline towards the deep is crystal clear with white sand underneath and free of any sea grasses or stone formations whatsoever.

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On a clear sunny day, the area is breathtakingly beautiful with the Anda mountain ranges in the background and the silhouette of islands in the distance. The blue sky is reflected on the waters, which is a vivid blue at deeper portions and lighter near the shoreline because of the white sand underneath.

The beach area is lined with coconut palm trees, wide and spacious. Most of the beach area is of rolling terrain while on the left side is an elevated area where the cottages and the round tables with beach umbrellas are located.

Parking space is ample and the space at the back still undeveloped. A huge truck, such as an eagle, can easily enter its gates.


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Anda Global Beach Resort & Videoke House is located at the Poblacion, Anda, Bohol, Philippines. The town is estimated about 100 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, the lone city and capital of the Bohol Province. Though a fifth class municipality, the town is blessed with white-sand beaches, a waterfall, and caves.

The resort is located a few meters away from the public beach; only a few minutes walk from the church or the municipal hall. It is part of the long stretch of Anda Beach though the area is privately owned by one, Mr. Edil Tan, a former vice mayor of the town.

Facilities and Services


A covered yet open-sided pavilion lies at the center of the beach resort for bigger functions. The pavilion is provided with 11 long tables and long benches, and 2 square tables good for four persons.


Minus room accommodations, the resort offers native thatched cottages for an interim stay. One large cottage is situated at the left side of the pavilion and other cottages (2 small, 2 large) are on the pavilion’s right side. The small cottages are rented out for P150.00 each and those double in size are rented out at P300.00 each.

Beach Round Tables

Two small round tables that are made of cement and covered with beach umbrellas are provided. The tables are designed for small groups of threes or fours.


A canteen is provided selling mineral water, soft drinks, liquor, beer, snack items, candies and sundry items. The canteen is housed under roof of the pavilion.

Videoke System

A Videoke system is available where one can sing a chosen song after dropping a P5 coin into a slot provided for. Copies of the list of songs that are in the system are provided. Singers can cue in their chosen songs even if a person is still singing. The whole system is computerized and the singers just wait for their chosen songs to appear before they take over the microphone. A screen displays a video of the songs with prompts or guide for the singers. At every rendition of a song, the singer is rated and his score displayed on the screen.


The resort has thoughtfully provided an area where guests can clean and prepare their food. The kitchen is provided with water and a sink. With the use of wood, food can be cooked outside on a designated area.

Display Area

An area inside the pavilion is set aside for the display of food, especially during big gatherings. The display counter has small decorative roofing and enough space to move around.

Sports Paraphernalia

The resort provides beach volleyball paraphernalia to volleyball enthusiasts such as net and ball; and the space at the front of the pavilion serves as its court.

Catering Services

Anda Global Beach Resort caters to the following occasions: conferences, seminars, wedding receptions, clan & family reunions, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties & other memorable events.

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Sun worshippers will surely love this place of fine white sand and crystal blue waters. The only setback is that Anda Global Beach Resort, the resort along Anda Beach, does not have proper cottages for an overnight stay or for a lengthy vacation. But for those who want to enjoy the cool waters and the fine white sand from dawn until dusk, then the resort has thatched cottages for the taking.

Anda Beach is a quiet and peaceful place. It is not overpopulated. Its laid back atmosphere is good for the soul. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Feel the fresh sea breeze blowing and the soft sand beneath your feet. Allow the warmth of the sun to embrace you while sunbathing or strolling along the beach. Oh, just pure heaven!

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