Getafe Seaport

The Getafe Seaport is situated near the center of the town of Getafe. Getafe is a port town on the northern coast, 92 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. Travel time from Tagbilaran City, the province’s capital, is two (2) hours. With a land area of 9,980 hectares, the town consists of 24 barangays.

The pier is only a few minutes ride away, taking the road beside the church and heading towards the coast. Before reaching the port, one will pass by the market area which can be identified by small stalls.

Shanties line the port area and along the coast which is an eyesore and does not make it a fitting place to promote as a tourist destination. However, the local government of Getafe is relocating them to a land within the Poblacion. Funds are being raised to finance and develop this housing project.

Also, the port of Getafe is envisioned for rehabilitation since it is the nearest gateway for travelers from Cebu City who are bound for the northern towns of Bohol. Governor Aumentado, on his recent visit to the town, has expressed his desire to develop the port of Getafe in addition to his plan of a Cebu-Bohol Friendship Highway (CBFH) which will connect Getafe to Cordova in Mactan Island.

The Getafe Seaport is relatively small compared to the Talibon Seaport yet it has a RORO ramp and plays host to these vessels from Mactan. Large outrigger boats also ply the Cebu-Bohol route which is often the choice of travelers who are strong-willed enough to ride these boats.

Voyage from Talibon to Cebu City takes four (4) hours while Tubigon to Cebu City takes two hours or more. Travelers from Talibon have to travel by land for an hour to Tubigon if they want to avail of the bigger boats and less time at sea. Some fear riding the outrigger boats being offered in Getafe.

Rehabilitation of the port of Getafe will surely help boost up the economy, not only of the town, but of other northern towns of Bohol as well. Aside from RORO vessels, it will eventually play host to catamarans or fast ferries, like those plying the route to Tagbilaran and Tubigon.

Touring the Chocolate Hills, Sagbayan Peak, and other interior tourist spots is convenient for those who bring their own vehicle and much nearer when one takes the Mactan-Getafe route. But if your destination is Alona Beach at Panglao Island then it is better to take a RORO service bound for Tagbilaran City instead.

Another point to consider is that Getafe is only three (3) towns away from Ubay, the gateway to Leyte. The Cebu-Getafe, Bohol-Leyte-Manila route’s travel time will be shorter compared to taking a RORO from Cebu direct to Ubay. Cebu to Ubay, Bohol takes more than four (4) hours travel time by boat.

Schedule of Trips from Mactan to Getafe, Bohol

Lite Shipping Corporation provides RORO services bound for Getafe, Bohol. It leaves from the port just past Mactan Hilton. Booking ahead is not necessary and cost is more or less P1500.00 including car and passengers. You are obliged to bring car documents, though, to prove ownership. Schedules may change without prior notice so it is better to contact Lite Shipping Corporation for the actual schedules.

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