Talibon Seaport

Talibon Pier

The Talibon Seaport is located on the northern coast of the island of Bohol in the Philippines, 114.8 kilometers via Tagbilaran North Road, 149.55 kilometers via Tagbilaran East Road, and 108.83 kilometers via Loay Interior Road. The Municipality of Talibon is a progressive town composed of 25 barangays, 8 of which are island barangays.

Talibon Bohol Seaport is being serviced by V.G. Shipping Lines with a Talibon-Cebu City route and vice versa. It also plays host to countless outrigger boats coming from the 8 barangays namely: Busalian, Calituban, Cataban, Guindacpan, Mahanay, Nocnocan, Sag and Suba. Outrigger boats coming from neighboring towns of Getafe, Trinidad and Bien Unido also dock at the pier.

Talibon Pier

The port is long with a 566 meters length, a width of 7 meters and the causeway having an area of 5,202 square meters. The causeway is directly connected to the main road of the town making it accessible to private and public vehicles.

Newly rehabilitated, the port has now a RORO ramp with 9 meters width and a reclaimed area of 40 x 40. Berth is 125 meters, draft or depth alongside is 2 meters and rubber fenders are used. For mooring/fixtures, there are 4 cleats. The port area is adequately lighted with 5 mercury lamp posts.

Talibon Pier

A lighthouse is available as a navigational aid to approaching vessels. The lighthouse though is situated outside the pier premises and near the Talibon Mega Market. Regular shipping companies are V.G. Lines and Island Shipping Corporation. Turning basin, anchorage and fairway is open sea.

Talibon Pier

Cargo handling and checking is done by the Talibon Arrastre and Labor Company, Inc. (TALCI) while trucking and hauling is being serviced by Pengavitor Trucking. Mooring and unmooring services is done also by TALCI; bunkering is by Pilipinas Shell c/o Ngoboc Shell Station; and watering services by Pengavitor.

Plans for Expansion

Talibon Pier

PPA-Talibon is set to pour P80M for Talibon Port expansion. If pushed thru, the port can then accommodate bigger ships and receive heavier cargo loads. Shipping costs will be cut when cargoes intended for northern Bohol can be dropped at the port rather than in Tagbilaran, which is the usual practice at present.

The port expansion project came at the heels of collaboration among PPA through Engr. Oblenda, Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado and Second District Congressman Roberto Cajes.

The Philippine Government’s aim is to improve all port of entries to be able to service RORO, cargo vessels, and fast crafts and eventually to interconnect all island provinces of the country to enhance investment opportunities, agro-industrial development, trade, and commerce as well as tourism pursuits.

Talibon Pier

Below is the shipping lines’ schedule of trips to Cebu City and vice versa. Schedules may be changed without prior notice so we advise the travelers to contact directly the shipping company for their final schedules. Their address and telephone numbers are given below.

Schedule of Trips
Origin Day ETD ETA Shipping Line

Cebu City


12:00 Noon
10:00 PM

4:00 PM
2:00 AM

V.G. Lines
V.G. Lines
V.G. Lines (Vicenta Garcia Lines) CPG Ave., Poblacion, Talibon

Tel. Nos.
(038) 516-1021
(038) 515-0294
(032) 416-6226 Cebu

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