Talibon’s Barangay Officials’ Congress 2012

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The Speakers Bureau and guests
The Barangay Officials at the onset

Early morning of April 24, 2012, the activities for Talibon’s Barangay Official’s Congress 2012 started rolling with a Eucharistic Mass at 6:30 a.m. at the Blessed Trinity Cathedral with Rev. Fr. Jonas Achacoso officiating. It was an apt and fitting gesture of thanksgiving for a beautiful day wherein all barangay officials convened and received due recognition for the implementation of laudable developmental projects in their respective barangays.

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LGU employees in attendance
Barangay Poblacion contingent
The SKs

Expected were 300 barangay officials composed of 25 Punong Barangays, 175 Barangay Kagawads, 25 SK Chairman’s, 25 Barangay Secretaries, 25 Barangay Treasurers and 25 Barangay Nutrition Scholars.

Barangay Tanghaligue contingent
Barangay San Agustin, standing

It was also a day for the Executive and Legislative Reports of the Mayor, Hon. Restituto B. Auxtero and Vice-Mayor Marcos Q. Aurestila; the day they have been looking forward to and prepared for in order to let the people know of their accomplishments since they took office in 2010.

Barangay San Jose w/ Kagawad Mumar
Barangay Zamora, sitting; Barangay Sto. Niño, standing

Excited and looking forward to a whole day affair at the CPG Multi-Purpose Center, the barangay officials and LGU personnel, assigned to help facilitate the occasion, convened at the center for registration.

Barangay San Jose w/ Capt. Inocencio Gurrea
Barangay Sikatuna, standing; Barangay Suba, sitting w/ Capt. Eligido Monte
Barangay Suba, standing; Barangay Zamora, sitting w/ Kagawad Pogoy

All barangay officials were readily identifiable with their green polo shirts which were also worn by the Mayor and the DILG officer in-charged of the affair. Support personnel from the LGU were in purple polo shirts.

The Working Committee
Documentation, Usherette and HR Group

Guests arrived one at a time and took their VIP seats. At the onset, present were the Mayor of the Municipality of Talibon, Mr. Restituto B. Auxtero, Mr. Camilo N. Garcia (representative of Vice Mayor Marcos Q. Aurestila), Mr. Dominador A. Salmeron (ABC President), Kagawad Dave A. Evangelista, Kagawad Concordio Evangelista. Later Municipality of Trinidad Mayor Atty. Roberto C. Cajes and his wife, former Mayor of Trinidad, Mrs. Judith, Kagawad Vicente Y. Galarse and Kagawad Nomie Valmoria arrived just in time to hear the message of the Municipal Mayor.

Hon. Dominador A. Salmeron (ABC President)

The program proper begun with the Invocation (led by Mr. Apolinario E. Artiaga, Executive Assistant to the Mayor) and the playing of the National Anthem and the Bohol Hymn by the Municipal Band. Hon. Dominador A. Salmeron (ABC President) gave the Welcome Address and made a roll call of all barangay officials present.

short message from Mayor Auxtero

The message of the Municipal Mayor, that followed, touched on when the Barangay Officials’ Congress was established (Municipal Ordinance 2009-06), and the creation of the Municipal Team for Barangay Evaluation and announced that awards will be given to the outstanding barangays in pre-agreed criteria’s and thus all were exhorted to stay until the end of the program.

Statement of Purpose by Mrs. Maura P.M. Justol

The Statement of Purpose or overview of the activities lined up for the day was then given by Mrs. Maura P.M. Justol, the Municipal Local Government Operations Officer. The Barangay Officials’ Congress 2012 theme is “Ang Kaugmaran Sa Barangay, Pundasyon sa Kaugmaran sa Lungsod” (Barangay Development is the Foundation of Sustainable Progress).

Coastal Law Enforcement Council (CLEC II)

Mayor Cajes - CLEC II Chairman

Municipal Mayor of Trinidad, Atty. Roberto C. Cajes then took the floor to give the Coastal Law Enforcement Council II (CLEC II)Policies, being its Chairman. Not only that, he also entertained the crowd with a rendition of “Endless Love” partnered with a lady Trinidad employee. Dancers from The Trinidad Municipal College also entertained the crowd at intervals.

"Endless Love"

Atty. Cajes informed one and all that the Municipality of Talibon is one of the towns who adhere to the CLEC II policies and stridently go after illegal fishers to belie rumors that illegal fishing is rampant in the area. He lauded Municipal Mayor Auxtero in his efforts to stop illegal fishing as well as his pursuits in protecting the environment and the town’s natural resources. He instead reported that illegal fishing is rampant at the waters of Bien Unido and Getafe.

Dancers from the Trinidad Municipal College

CLEC II covers 478 km shoreline of the towns of Clarin (29), Inabanga (62), Buenavista (32), Jetafe (77), Bien Unido (45), Trinidad (8), Ubay (61), Pres. Carlos P. Garcia (76) and Talibon (86).

A certificate of appreciation was given to Atty. Cajes for taking the time, in spite of a hectic schedule, to share with the populace the CLEC II policies and updates.

The Legislative Report

An hour before the scheduled lunch at 12 noon, the Legislative Report was taken up and expounded by the SB Secretary, Camilo N. Garcia in the absence of the Vice Mayor Marcos Q. Aurestila.

Legislative Report by Camilo N. Garcia

First, the Sangguniang Bayan Members were introduced and the different committees that they oversee were stated. Ordinances and resolutions made from July 2010 up to the present were then presented to the crowd. The Municipal Library, which is under the Sangguniang Bayan, also announced the availability of free online data, not available in the local library, wherein researchers can access the files of the National Library thru www.elib.gov.ph.


lunch with the Mayors
lunch w/ Ex-Mayor Baby Cajes, Mayor Cajes and Board Members Cepedoza & Jumamoy
lunch w/ Ex-Mayor Baby Cajes…striped towelette
lunch w/ the SBs
the Tanghaligue Group
the Zamora Group
the Evaluators?
w/ municipal assessor, Ramil Artiaga & Jett Boyles

Board Members, 2nd District of Bohol

Noted was the arrival of Hon. Josephine Socorro C. Jumamoy and Hon. Romulo G. Cepedoza, both Board Members of the 2nd District of Bohol. After they have partaken their lunch, Hon. Cepedoza was called upon to give his message followed by Hon. Jumamoy.

Hon. Romulo C. Cepedoza

Both congratulated Talibon, and especially the Municipal Mayor, for giving venue to the Barangay Official’s Congress; for its establishment; for giving attention and concerting all efforts to the development of the town first thru the barangay level by implementing programs to this effect.

Hon. Josephine Socorro C. Jumamoy

Mrs. Jumamoy specifically stressed the point that all barangay officials, in fact all government officials and employees have a mission in life to serve the constituents of the municipality. She exhorted everybody present to concentrate all efforts and aim to overcome obstacles and hardships and do their utmost to uplift the living conditions of the general public.

Mr. Jonathan Mabia

ith the party was Mr. Jonathan Mabia, the representative of Hon. Gerardo C. Garcia. Mr. Mabia, a former Barangay Captain of Mahanay, was called upon to give a short message. He conveyed the regrets of Hon. Garcia for not being able to attend the Congress due to a previous commitment.

The Executive Report

The Executive Report of Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero

With a power point presentation, the Chief Executive Officer of Talibon, Municipal Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero, presented to the barangay officials and attending LGU employees, his accomplishments from the moment he took the seat as the Mayor of Talibon up to the present; also touching on some of the on-going projects and well as future plans for the development of Talibon.

listening to the Executive Report

Although given a limited time to give his report, the presentation was precise and clear confirming to all his promise of good governance and transparency during his incumbency.

RA 6713: Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees

Mrs. Regina G. Bastes, DILG-Bohol Admin Officer, was called upon to discuss RA 6713. This serves as a reminder of the public accountability of all local government officials and employees; that public office is a public trust; that public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives. All were reminded that they are “servants” and not “masters” of the people in their locality.

Mrs. Regina G. Bastes

Mrs. Bastes was handed a Certificate of Appreciation for her contribution to the Barangay Officials’ Congress by sharing her expertise on RA 6713 and related topics on servanthood.

The Governor

Noted was the arrival at past 3 p.m. of the Governor of Bohol, Hon. Edgar M. Chatto, accompanied with his wife, Madame Pureza and party; specifically that of the presence of Mr. Anthony Damalerio and Mr. Eric Galan, both assigned at the Local Government Affairs Office. They came straight from the 11th Heat Caravan held at the Municipality of Lila.

The Governor, Hon. Edgar M. Chatto

Even pressed by time constraints, the Governor deemed it best to meet with the Barangay Officials of Talibon. With a short message, he encouraged the Barangay Officials saying that “ang barangay maoy gamut sa lungsod sa katilingban” (the barangay is the root of the community or town) and thus uphold the affairs’ theme of “Ang Kaugmaran Sa Barangay, Pundasyon sa Kaugmaran sa Lungsod” (Barangay Development is the Foundation of Sustainable Progress).

The Governor ready to give the awards

The Governor called for the local officials and employees to serve and reach out to the lowest level of society and this is only possible with proper communication. He is quoted to say that “Communication is an important tool in Leadership”. He shared his dream of eradicating or aim for a zero “0” malnutrition rate in the whole province of Bohol.

Awarding of Plaques and Prizes

The Outstanding Taxpayers

First to receive awards were the 10 Outstanding Taxpayers of Talibon for 2011, namely: Alturas Supermarket Corporation (P1,304,976.74), Mr. Florentino Flores of Bophil Enterprises (P220,353.30), Mr. Enrico Carpio of Ricomar Enterprises (P162,689.54), Avon Cosmetics (P159,777.51), Landbank of the Philippines – Talibon (P153,387.84), Norkis Distributor/Financial (P135,607.92), Mr. Jovito Auza of Petron Service Station (P114,606.12), Mr. Alston Tan of Talibon A & L Marketing (P112,754.50), First Consolidated Bank – Talibon (P111,155.41) and Honda Motor World (P91,741.91).

Mr. Florentino Flores of Bophil Enterprises (P220,353.30)

The Congressman of the 2nd District of Bohol

Hon. Erico B. Aumentado was welcomed by the people thru Mr. Jett Boyles, the Master of Ceremony. He is the Congressman for the 2nd District of Bohol. His presence, although arriving a bit late at exactly 4:43 P.M. due to a hectic schedule and previous commitments, is a boon to the Talibongnons for his avid and continuous support of all the major projects that the Municipality of Talibon have undertaken and will be implementing in the near future.

The Awardees Combo 1
The Awardees Combo 2

When the Congressman was seated, the awarding of plaques, certificates and cash rewards continued. Those who received plaques and cash awards of P10,000.00 each were Barangays Balintawak (Best in Solid Waste Management), Balintawak (Best in Health & Sanitation, Magsaysay (Best in Backyard Gardening & Agricultural Development), Purok 7 of San Roque (Most Outstanding Purok). Barangay Santo Niño was lauded as the Most Outstanding Barangay of 2011 and was awarded with a plaque and a cash award of P15,000.00.

The Awardees Combo 3
The Awardees Combo 4

For individual awards, the following Committee Chairmen were awarded with certificates and cash awards: 1) Hon. Crescenciano G. Bunaos - P2,000.00 (Balintawak – Agriculture) and Hon. Ryan Jay N. Marsamolo – P2,000.00 (Magsaysay - Agriculture); 2) Hon. Maria Connie Cabilla – P5,000.00 (Santo Niño – Education & Culture); 3) Hon. Desideria F. Valmoria – P5,000.00 (Zamora – Environment); 4) Hon. Francisco Candug, Jr. – P5,000.00 (Santo Niño – Health & Social Services); 5) Hon. Renato Evardo – P2,500.00 (Busalian – Peace & Order) and Hon. Sean Michael A. Auxtero – P2,500.00 (San Francisco – Peace & Order); 6) Hon. Rolando C. Avergonzado – P5,000.00 (Sikatuna – Public Works & Infrastructure); 7) Zenaida Aparece – P5,000.00 (Magsaysay – Finance & Appropriation); 8) Mary Grace A. Artiaga – P5,000.00 (San Jose – Outstanding SK Chairman CY 2011; 9) Mercedes Cajes – P5,000.00 (Santo Niño – Outstanding Barangay Treasurer CY 2011); 10) Hon. Felicitas C. Eronico – P5,000.00 (Santo Niño – Outstanding Barangay Secretary CY 2011).

The Awardees Combo 5
The Awardees combo 6

Special awards were given to the Barangays excelling in the following criteria: Best in Barangay Hall – Magsaysay (P1,000.00); Best in Health Center & Services – San Isidro (P1,000.00); Best in Day Care Center – Suba (P1,000.00); Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar – Burgos (P1,000.00); Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Council – San Jose (P1,000.00).

an awardee

Another special award was given to the Municipal Health Unit for their exemplary achievement in maintaining the Nutrition Honor Maintenance Award. This award was given by Mayor Auxtero thru the Administrator, Mr. Pio E. Sayson, the Chairman of the PRAISE Committee.

the RHU group

But the most unexpected awards were those given to Mr. Vergel Zarel E. Boyles and Ms. Mona Liza Cruda for their exemplary performance and contribution to the activities, not only of the Congress but beforehand. They have constantly been called upon to help set up the different activities that the Municipality of Talibon entered into and they answered all calls with dedication and gusto even when the said activities where beyond their designated tasks. They both received certificates of recognition and cash prizes of P5,000.00 each accompanied with a promise of a step increment in their salaries effective May 1, 2012.

The Special Awardees: Mr. Vergel Zarel  Boyles & Ms. Mona Liza Cruda
The Special Awardees w/ fellow employees

Before the people dispersed and the Congress adjourned, the Hon. Erico Aumentado was called upon to give his special message to all. He lauded and encouraged Mayor Auxtero and the LGU officials on their move to make a Master Plan of the development of Talibon especially that of working first on the barangay level and going up to the Municipal level (a bottom-up strategy).

Congressman Erico Aumentado

His loud cry at the end of his message resounded in all ears: MABUHAY TALIBON!!!

Top of Talibon’s Barangay Officials’ Congress

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