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Blue Star Dive and Resort

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The Blue Star Dive and Resort is a resort perched on a ridge 40 meters above the sea in Anda town. Situated high up, the resort then has a command view of the open sea and the neighboring island of Camiguin as well as the contoured outline of the towns of Guindulman, Duero and Jagna.

The resort boast of six (6) bungalows, a complete dive center, a restaurant and bar, and its own boat for scuba diving trips and island tours. The beach, which is of pure white sand, is 68 steps down from the resort with a background of rugged cliffs and caves, formed by centuries of battering by the sea.

This bungalow resort is owned by Mr. Lorenz Wenger and Gianni Parrino.

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The Blue Star Dive and Resort is located at Sitio Ipo, Barangay Candabong of the municipality of Anda in Bohol, Philippines. It lies on the south-eastern coast of Bohol in the Bay of Anda, close to the outskirt barangay of Guindulman and only an hour and a half drive away.

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Facilities and Services


The resort boasts of six (6) spacious bungalows that are built and furnished in typical Philippine style with private terrace that commands a spectacular view of the beach fringed with coconut palm trees and the blue expanse of the sea. The rooms are equipped with king-sized beds complete with pillows and linen. Mini-bar, toilet and bath with hot & cold water are also provided.

Where to Wine and Dine

Blue Star Dive and Resort boasts of a restaurant that serves Asian and European cuisine. All food is painstakingly prepared from selected fresh ingredients that are available from the local market. Vegetarian or diabetic meals, if desired, will be attended to.

Dive Center

The Dive Center lies directly above the beach and connected to it by 68 steps. The center has a shower/toilet, a training classroom, a repair shop and a drying room. It consists of two compressors, 32 tanks with adaptors (optional DIN or INT) and rental gears for diving and snorkeling.

Deco Bar

Divers can relax and unwind at the Deco lounge which is outfitted with tables and chairs. Wine and other spirits are available and food will be prepared upon order.


The resort is primarily concerned with safety. It provides a medically trained staff (by Emergency First Response-Standards) and has oxygen reserves.


The resort offers airport and seaport transfers to the extent of reserving a room for at a hotel in Cebu for any eventual stop-over or overnight stay and provides assistance and escort on your way to the resort.

Resort Activities

Aside from the simple activities of swimming, boating and snorkelling, the resort also arranges for scuba diving trips. Diving spots, especially a species-rich house reef, are only a few minutes away by boat. Currents are from medium to medium-high with good to very good visibility and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees centigrade.

The Anda waters are blessed with untouched reefs and coral gardens with spectacular drop-offs, caves and grottos. One will encounter nudibranches and lots of crabs, shrimps, gobies, schools of mackerel and tuna on a daily basis. There are also sightings of turtles, a napoleon or whale sharks between the months of February and April.

Diving Courses

All diving courses are given by a qualified PADI instructor according to PADI-Standards. The indicated course durations are approximate values and are, depending on the number of participants, adapted to individual needs.

Introductory Dive (1/2 day)

After a short theoretical introduction, students will experience their first breaths underwater accompanied by an experienced diving instructor. The house reef right in front of the resort provides optimum conditions for the intro dive.

Discover Scuba Diving Course (1 day)

A one-day exploration: emphasizing practical experience accompanied by a minimum of theoretical background. If the experience is ok and one decide to continue, this course may be credited to further courses.

Open Water Diver (4-5 days)

This course emphasizes the fundamental skills a diver uses and which allows him to dive safely to a depth up to 18 meters/60 feet and carefully feel ones way through the underwater world. Theory may be studied at home so that one can concentrate on the practical part during the holidays. After a few exercises, one can dive and explore other spots while accompanied by a trainer.

Advanced Open Water Diver (2-3 days)

The course covers lessons on boats, buoyancy, drift, reefs, navigation, night diving, deep diving, and more. The 2-day course will deepen ones confidence and security. The course includes 5 relaxed dives, combining practice and theory.

Rescue & Emergency First Response (4-5 days)

Students are trained to help others by simulating different scenarios of potentially dangerous and emergency situations in diving. With this training, one will be able to timely identify such situations and to correctly interpret them. The emergency first response includes a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course which is a prerequisite to the Rescue Diver Course. The Emergency First Response Course takes 1 day and the Rescue Diver Course from 3-4 days. The combination of both provides the entire knowledge of a fully trained Rescue Diver.

Dive Master (at least 4 weeks)

This course is for those who want to be professionals in this field and be able to train others. One will learn how to correctly brief divers, how to lead them above and underwater and to take over a role model function with responsibilities. The duration of the training must be agreed in advance and done individually. A combination with the Assistant Instructor Course is possible.

PADI-Specialty Courses

Peak Performance Buoyancy (1 day)

Feel like a fish in the water. With this 1-day specialty course, one will perfect buoyancy performance within two dives and enable one to move excellently in the water and to fully enjoy zero gravity. This course is a must for all submarine photographers.

Night Diver (2 days)

A dive after sunset opens new perspectives: other marine mammals, different colours and utterly new experiences. Learn how to communicate correctly underwater at night, how to navigate with the compass and get to know the particularities of these adventures. After this training, one will feel entirely safe during future nocturnal submarine explorations.

Deep Diver (2 days)

A substantiated education allows one to dive beyond the 30 meters/100 feet limit. Learn more about decompression theory and combine it with 4 safely accompanied dives down to the maximum 40 meters/130 feet limit of sports diving.

UW Navigation

This course will teach how to become good friends with the compass, learn how to optimally orientate underwater and find ones way home thus avoid swimming long distances on the surface and from embarrassing searches for the boat or the way out.

Diving Packages

The resort offers different diving packages ranging from packages of 10 or 20 dives, a 1-day house reef or 3-days explorations. Diving packages are non-transferable.

Excursions & Activities

Various activities and excursions are available at the resort. Guests can go on boat rides through mangroves, do island tours, visit other white sandy beaches, explore caves, and do trekking to see waterfalls, enjoy lunch at a river cruise, tour heritage monuments and more. The resort staff will gladly help you set up the activities that you want to undergo.


Room Amenities
King-sized beds, pillows, bedcovers, blankets, mini-bar, toilet and bath, hot & cold water

Resort Facilities/Services
Room accommodations, restaurant, dive center, 18meter-Bangka (traditional Philippine catamaran), deco bar, medics and transfers.


The Blue Star Dive and Resort is situated in a quiet neighborhood. Perched above the rugged cliffs of this side of Anda, it commands a spectacular view of God’s bounty: the crystal blue expanse of the sea, the island of Camiguin in the far distance, and the contour of its neighboring towns: Guindulman, Duero and Jagna.

The resort is ideal for those who seek peace and quiet for it has a serene ambiance and relatively isolated from other resorts and quite distant from the populous areas of the towns of Anda and Guindulman.

The Straits Anda and Guindulman are now known for its dive sites and for years has been the haunt of Germans and Swiss since most of the resorts are owned by fellow foreigners married to local maidens.

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