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Bohol Short-Term Stays: Embrace the Charm of Bohol in a Brief Getaway

Welcome to Bohol, a captivating destination in the Philippines renowned for its natural wonders, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Whether you have a limited amount of time or simply prefer shorter stays, Bohol offers a range of options for memorable short-term stays.

In this travel blog, we invite you to explore the beauty of Bohol in a brief getaway, where you can immerse yourself in the island's stunning landscapes, indulge in local delicacies, and create unforgettable experiences.

Join us as we unveil the top short-term stay options in Bohol, allowing you to make the most of your time on this enchanting island.

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Bohol Short-Term Stays: 

Alona Beach Resort:
Nestled along the pristine shores of Alona Beach, Alona Beach Resort offers comfortable and convenient short-term stays. Choose from a variety of accommodations, including cozy beachfront cottages and modern rooms. Enjoy the resort's facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, and beachside bars. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Alona Beach and take part in thrilling water sports activities.

Bohol Bee Farm:
For a unique and eco-friendly short-term stay, Bohol Bee Farm is an excellent choice. Located in Dauis, this charming farm resort offers cozy rooms and cottages amidst a lush organic garden. Indulge in farm-to-table cuisine, take part in organic farming activities, and enjoy panoramic ocean views. Don't miss the chance to try their famous honey-based products and learn about sustainable living.

Bohol Tropics Resort:
Situated in the heart of Tagbilaran City, Bohol Tropics Resort provides comfortable accommodations for short-term stays. The resort offers well-appointed rooms, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving delectable local and international cuisine. Explore the nearby attractions, including historic sites, shopping centers, and bustling markets.

Amorita Resort:
Amorita Resort in Panglao Island offers luxurious short-term stays with breathtaking ocean views. Their elegantly designed villas and suites provide a tranquil retreat surrounded by tropical gardens. Unwind by the infinity pool, indulge in spa treatments, and savor gourmet dishes at the resort's restaurant. Don't miss the chance to visit the nearby Hinagdanan Cave and enjoy a scenic boat tour.

Loboc River Resort:
Located along the picturesque Loboc River, Loboc River Resort offers a serene and nature-filled short-term stay experience. Stay in their comfortable rooms or traditional nipa hut cottages surrounded by lush greenery. Take a river cruise, visit the nearby Tarsier Conservation Area, and enjoy cultural performances during a floating restaurant dinner cruise.

Villa Tarcela: 

Villa Tarcela, located in Dauis, offers comfortable short-term stays in a peaceful and private setting. Their spacious villas come with private pools, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the tranquility. Explore the nearby beaches, visit historic churches, and sample local delicacies

Henann Resort Alona Beach:
Situated on the renowned Alona Beach, Henann Resort offers luxurious short-term stays with world-class amenities. Choose from a variety of elegantly designed rooms and suites, each offering modern comforts and stunning views. Relax by the infinity pool, pamper yourself at the spa, and indulge in exquisite dining options. With its prime beachfront location, Henann Resort is the perfect base for exploring the vibrant energy of Alona Beach.

Bohol Shores:
Bohol Shores in Panglao Island offers a tranquil and intimate short-term stay experience. The resort's spacious villas and suites provide a cozy and stylish retreat, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Lounge by the resort's infinity pool, take leisurely strolls along the private beach, and savor delectable cuisine at the beachfront restaurant.

Villa Formosa Bohol:
Experience true paradise at Villa Formosa Bohol, a beachfront property in Anda. Their private villas and cottages offer a secluded escape with direct access to a pristine white sand beach. Enjoy the privacy of your own villa, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, and witness stunning sunsets from the comfort of your accommodation.

Oasis Resort:
Oasis Resort, located in the town of Loon, provides a serene short-term stay experience away from the bustling crowds. Nestled amidst lush gardens, the resort offers comfortable rooms and cottages with a laid-back ambiance. Relax in the resort's swimming pool, take a leisurely stroll in the gardens, and savor local dishes at the on-site restaurant.

Chiisai Natsu Resort:
For a cozy and intimate short-term stay, Chiisai Natsu Resort in Anda is the perfect choice. This boutique resort offers charming cottages surrounded by tropical gardens. Relax in the resort's swimming pool, unwind in hammocks, and explore the nearby attractions, including Anda Beach and the mesmerizing Lamanok Island.

Dumaluan Beach Resort:
Situated along the stunning Dumaluan Beach, Dumaluan Beach Resort offers affordable short-term stays with a prime beachfront location. Choose from cottages or rooms, each offering comfort and convenience. Enjoy beach activities, dine on fresh seafood, and soak in the breathtaking views of the beach and turquoise waters.

Bohol South Beach Hotel:
Bohol South Beach Hotel, located in the town of Bolod, offers stylish and modern accommodations for short-term stays. The hotel's comfortable rooms and suites are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a relaxing stay. Take a dip in the rooftop pool, unwind in the jacuzzi, and enjoy panoramic views of the beach and surrounding area.

Marquis Sunrise Sunset Residential Cottages:
Experience the rustic charm of Marquis Sunrise Sunset Residential Cottages in Panglao Island. These cozy cottages provide a laid-back atmosphere and a true local experience. Enjoy the simplicity of island living, relax on the beach, and take in the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views.

Alumbung Tropical Living:
Experience authentic Filipino hospitality at Alumbung Tropical Living, a unique short-term stay option in Panglao Island. These traditional-style cottages provide a cozy and immersive experience in a tranquil garden setting. Enjoy the resort's swimming pool, relax in hammocks, and explore the nearby beaches and diving spots.

The Peacock Garden:
The Peacock Garden in Baclayon offers a luxurious short-term stay experience with stunning views of Bohol Sea. Their spacious and elegantly furnished suites provide a haven of comfort and relaxation. Pamper yourself at the spa, savor gourmet cuisine at the on-site restaurant, and take in the panoramic views from the infinity pool.

Bohol Short-Term Stay Options

Bohol offers a diverse array of short-term stay options to suit every traveler's preferences. Whether you're seeking beachfront luxury, eco-friendly charm, or a tranquil retreat, Bohol has something to offer. Embrace the beauty and warmth of this enchanting island in a brief getaway, immersing yourself in its natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Plan your short-term stay in Bohol and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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