Catigbian’s 2008 Beauty Pageants

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Where in Bohol or in the entire Philippine archipelago can one witness two beauty pageants in one day! No other than in the once lowly town of Catigbian! Yes, in 2008 Catigbian again successfully staged two special events on one and the same day. A feat no other town in Bohol can outdo!!

Brace yourself and don’t be shocked! The first and foremost tourist gatherer in Catigbian now is the Carabao Beauty Pageant! Staged the 2nd time around, the event was envisioned by Mayor Roberto Salinas to enhance the tourism industry in the town and to fast track the promotion of Catigbian’s assets: the Livestock Auction Center, the caves, Catigbian’s arts and crafts, and more.!

Carabaos from the any of the 22 barangays of Catigbian vied for queenship! Each of the carabaos were prepared by their owners first by allowing a routine dip in the mud, then by shaving and rubbing the horns and hooves with oil or wax. Faces of the beasts were made-up and “designer clothes” put on together with flowers and “jewels”.!

When ready, the carabaos were brought to the Catigbian Livestock Auction Center for final touches and for the grand parade which went past the Catigbian Market and on to the Catigbian Municipal Hall.!

The grand parade turned out to be not only for the carabaos but also for their avid supporters who accompanied their “candidates” all throughout. It seems all the barangays are out there cheering on their favorites, with kids running to and fro in their excitement.

When the talent portion came about, all hell broke loose! There were carabaos that walked stately, others so seductively, some kneeled, others who were bothered by the crowds and became uncontrollable and ran; while, to the merriment of many, others peed and released their dung. Guffaws and shrieks from the audience seemed unstoppable.

After much difficulty in choosing the best, the judges announced the following winners: “Best Talent” to a carabao from Triple Union; the “Darling of the Crowd” to Poblacion West; the “Sexiest Carabao” to Rizal; and the “Carabao of the Year” to a carabao named Art of barangay Rizal. And the “Best Cowboy” title went to Alexander Alampayan.

A few hours after the carabao pageant, and still heady with merriment, the Catigbianons again gathered to witness another crowning. But before that, a dozen of Catigbian’s fairest ladies competed in skimpy two-piece swimsuits and gorgeous evening gowns created by EJ Relampagos Couture.

Hosted by Raul Phillip Gatal, the audience was crooned by no other that Bohol’s pride, Jerome Sala, and entertained further by the HNU Diwanag Dance Theatre and Cultural Troupe.

Finally and with much abated breath, the Ms. Katigbawan Festival 2008 was announced. 18-year-old Aimee Ann Anunciado of District 1 coveted the crown after winning 13 of the special awards and topped the swimwear, evening gown, talent, and interview competitions.

The First Runner-Up title went to Ms. Ronnelyn Silagan of District 8; Second Runner-Up to Ms. Birselides Gaudicos of Catigbian District Hospital; Third Runner-Up to Resyl Joagpao of District 2; and Fourth Runner-Up to Lindy Love Dinorog of District 5.

Unanimous decision was reached by the judges chaired by Pureza Veloso-Chatto, provincial board member Cesar Tomas Lopez, Mae Ann Ramasola, Alona Tropical’s Nila Montero, and 2006 Bb. Pilipinas-World Ana Maris Igpit.

Pleased with the girls’ performance during the pageant, the First Lady of the town, Mrs. Nerissa Yap-Salinas gave the top three winners a round trip all-expense paid trip to Manila and Cavite. The winner represented the town in the Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant.

Catigbian’s 2008 beauty pageants held last June 16, 2008 and the festival as a whole was a resounding success thanks to the hardworking crew of the Catigbian LGU led by Mayor Salinas and Vice-Mayor Necita Digaum and the support of all Catigbianons!

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