Bamboo Products of Catigbian

The bamboo products of Catigbian have been identified as having great potential for development and expansion. It is considered as the town’s most distinctive product under the One Town One Product (OTOP) – a priority program of President Gloria Arroyo to promote entrepreneurship and so create jobs in the municipal level.

Residents of the town, especially those situated in the mountain barangays are into sawali and basket weaving. With the OTOP, the local administration seeks to expand this trade by encouraging other constituents to go into the production of bamboo products and other native accessories and to undergo training on new styles and designs.

Basically an agricultural town, the people has plenty of time to spare since after planting, little is done until harvest time. To pass the time, people usually resort to gambling, drinking and other unproductive activities. This scene is not common in Catigbian only but also in other towns of Bohol.

Seeking to uplift the economic situation in each of the town’s 22 barangays, the Mayor of Catigbian, Mayor Roberto Salinas, exhorts the people to make full use of their time and develop skills in the making of bamboo products and thus augment the family income.

Basket weaving has since been a cottage industry in Catigbian and raw materials such as bamboo, rattan and buri are plentiful. In case of shortage when and if the industry goes into full swing, these materials are readily available in neighboring towns.

Demand for bamboo products and other native crafts have increased thru the years with the help of OTOP thru the Department of Trade and Industry and other private enterprises. The people of Catigbian have nothing to worry about in the marketing of finished goods since ready buyers have already been contracted.

Likewise, demand for native crafts, especially of souvenir items, is envisioned to pick up locally with the full operation of the Abatan River Tour – the flagpole project in the first district of Bohol that supports the divergence program.

Hoping that this trade will encompass the whole of Catigbian, Mayor Roberto Salinas exhorts his constituents to join seminars and trainings to further enhance inherent skills and to learn new techniques in bamboo making and other crafts.

To this effect, two-day training was given to 92 participants hailing from 21 barangays on November 5-6, 2008. The Skills Training and Enhancement Seminar on Basket-weaving was done by the Sun-contracting Partners for Innovation (SPIN) with the support of the Local Government Unit (LGU), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Philippine Army 12 Infantry Battalion and of Mantacida United Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MUFAMPUCO).

At present, Catigbian produces amakan sheets, baskets, fans and hangers; 60% of these products are sold in Cebu and the rest sold in Tagbilaran and locally. Marketing is done in coordination with the Catigbian Bamboo Weavers Association Network or CABAWAN.

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