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The municipality of Catigbian is situated in the interior part of Bohol, lying north of the municipality of Balilihan, south of Sagbayan and Tubigon, east of San Isidro and west of Batuan and Carmen. It is 35 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s lone city and capital of the Province.

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By bus or jeepney and even with vans-for-hire or taxis and going northbound from Tagbilaran, this 50-minute trip goes thru scenic rice fields, coconut and banana groves of the towns of Cortes, Antequera and Balilihan.

Catigbian is politically subdivided into 22 barangays, to wit: Alegria, Ambuan, Baang, Bagtic, Bonbong, Cambailan, Candumayao, Kang-iras, Causwagan Norte, Hagbuaya, Haguilanan, Libertad Sur, Liboron, Mahayag Norte, Mahayag Sur, Maitum, Mantasida, Poblacion, Poblacion Weste, Rizal, Sinakayanan and Triple Union.

As per 2007 census, the town has a population of 23,333 people spread over a land area of 11,301.72 hectares. Although recorded as a 4th class municipality, the Local Government Unit of Catigbian with Mayor Roberto L. Salinas at the helm had achieved laudable developments in the town way beyond their capacity as a 4th class municipality.

For one, they bagged the recent 2008 Best Market Award by setting up sustainable quality standards including concern for consumer welfare through complying with fair trade laws, improvement of the market place and adhering to social commitment and responsibility by implementing complaints and redress mechanism, and others.

Also, the town has the biggest Livestock Auction Center in the province which is likewise recognized as the biggest in Region VII. The Salinas Administration has also improved and expanded its water systems for the benefit of its constituents.

At present it has put up 4 local water systems in barangays Ambuan, Causwagan, Maitum and Rizal; such barangays not served by the municipal waterworks. Expansion plans will be for barangays Mahayag Norte and Sur, Hagbuaya and Bagtic.

Another achievement is the institution of the Katigbawan Festival wherein the culture and tradition of the Catigbianons are displayed. The Festival is a great means for the promotion of tourism, of ecological and agricultural pursuits, the enhancement of folk beliefs and of the natural environment.

The Festival comprises an agro-fair, crafts fair, competitions in boxing, basketball and other traditional games, derby in cockfighting, display of best livestock, the carabaos pageant, street dancing competitions, singing contests and the yearly search for Miss Katigbawan.

The town also celebrates its feast day with much fanfare on December 8 in honor of the Immaculate Conception. Predominantly a Catholic town, the religious fervor of the people is made manifest during the 9-day novena prayers, the long queue during processions and the full and overflowing church especially during the feast day itself.

Other than the religious activities, there are also nightly cultural presentations and shows in consonance with the 9-day novena, competitions and other activities set up to enliven the town fiesta.

There are other religious denominations in Catigbian; the United Church of Christ running second to the Roman Catholics. Whatever be their affiliations, the people are one in their belief of an Almighty God who watches favorably on all Catigbianons and blesses their undertakings.

Aside from being known for the raising of livestock such as cows, carabaos, swine, goats, chickens, and others; the people of Catigbian are also into farming, the collection of the sap of the “Hagakhak” tree for export, the production of bamboo products, while the residents of the mountain barangays are into sawali and basket weaving.

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