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Catigbian Attractions

For the information of everybody, Bohol does not only have the Chocolate Hills, the white sand beaches of Panglao Island, the river cruises, the tarsier, the caves of Danao, Jagna, Carmen . . . . etc. Bohol has Catigbian!

Catigbian attractions are varied and many, ranging from natural to man-made. In years past, these attractions were virtually unheard of outside the town, yet are the favorite haunts of the local inhabitants. The town has also some unique local practices and activities that are worthy of the limelight.

With the province-wide promotion of tourist attractions in Bohol, these spots and unique activities in Catigbian were singled out, noted and posted for the information of all.

Talking of natural endowments, putting aside Catigbian’s rich and rolling terrain, it has lots and lots of caves compared to other towns of Bohol. These caves are yet unexplored (by the outside world) and so is an oasis for the adventurous!

The town has as much as five (5) caves, to wit: the Cantalina Cave, the Haguilanan Cave, the Candumayao Cave, the Bongbong Cave and the Hagbuaya Cave and creek. Pardon, but this writer has not yet been to any of these caves so vivid details are out for the time being!

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For those who have never in their lifetime set foot on a hanging bridge, then Catigbian has one to offer. Experience the thrill of walking on a bridge that swings and move at every step; with a heady feeling of falling when looking upon the gorges and boulders below it; and with only a mere rope to cling on to! Want to try?!

For those who prefer tamer activities, then tour Catigbian’s newly developed Magic Green Nature Parkwhich is located at barangay Haguilanan. It is a place where one can commune with nature; experience peace and well-being surrounded by the green woods and the chirping of the birds.

For a refreshing dip beneath swirling and cascading waters, visit the Ilaud Falls at barangay Hagbuaya. All the above, plus others besides, are targeted for further development by the local administration to make them more attractive to tourists.

Yet, Catigbian has still more to offer! It has a modern auction center and a demonstration farm. For the information of all, Catigbian is hailed as having the Biggest Auction Center for livestocks in Region VII. Livestock buyers, namely for carabaos, cattle, hogs, and goats come to Catigbian for the best bargains.

To add to its laurels, the town has been declared to have the Best Market in the whole province of Bohol for 2008. To see is to believe! So come and visit the town and see for yourself why it has been hailed as having the best market of all!

But that is not the last thing that you will hear of Catigbian. The local administration still has so many things up its sleeves geared towards the development of the town and the economic upliftment of its inhabitants.

Luring in the tourists at present is the Katigbawan Festival of Catigbian. The Katigbawan Festival portrays the deep cultural and traditional heritage of the people of Catigbian; their beliefs and practices. It was set up to highlight the Foundation Day of the town which falls on June 17.

And with the Katigbawan Festival is the Carabao Beauty Pageant which is one colorful and hilarious affair, the first of its kind in the whole Philippine Archipelago. Click on the link for Katigbawan Festival for more details.

Catigbian has also historical sites such as the site called "Behind the Clouds" and the Anibogan Massacre Site. Behind the Clouds went down in Bohol's history as the cradle of the resistance movement during the Japanese occupation; while the Anibogan site is a historical place for valor, glory and heroism which symbolizes the lives of the Filipino massacre victims during the Japanese regime.

So speaking of Bohol attractions, God gave Catigbian its share! So the next time you come to Bohol, put Catigbian attractions on top of your list before you do anything else. It will surely make your stay in Bohol more memorable!

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