Attractions in Danao Town of Bohol

Danao town has several attractions; some natural and some developed by the local inhabitants to attract visitors. God’s gifts of nature are the Wahig River, mountain ranges, falls, caves and the rolling and flat terrain with portions deeply forested.

Those developed are the various recreational activities put up by the local government unit at the Recreational Park which includes the zipline, rappelling, kayak/rubber rafting, river trekking, bouldering, rock climbing, wall climbing and caving/spelunking.


This type of recreation entails one to be suspended in the air by a cable at an elevation of 200 meters or more. The line is stretched across the Wahig River. Travel time on the line largely depend upon the weight of the player; usually at 45 seconds to a minute. The player has to take this line twice; the other one on the way back.

Another line, the longest so far at 550 meters, will be available soon. This line will go across the cliffs of Danao. One will be suspended at least a thousand meters above forests, rivers and caves.

Players have to don a hard hat or helmet and a trained guide will harness them to the cable. About two meters from the end of the line, guides will apply brake to the cable to stop the player. The cost is PHP350.00 non resident of Danao and PHP150.00 for residents of Danao.

Root Climbing

Another challenging activity; yet before reaching the point of the climb one has to hike a few minutes and wade across hip or shoulder high water of the Wahig River. The climb entails one to clamber up a 60 feet cliff using the roots of a balite tree as grip. The challenge is doing the climb with wet sneakers and suit; and the proper choice of foothold in order not to slip and fall. Everybody dons on safety harnesses before taking the climb.


After root climbing, and a brief respite, go down the other way by means of ropes. You have to be keen, strong and alert as you maneuver yourself down; holding on to the ropes that are provided and control your rate of descent. Swing and kick-off the face of the cliff as you rappel down.

Kayaking/Rubber Tubing

An exhilarating activity where one rides colorful kayaks or rubber tubes and paddling through the currents of the Wahig River. The rides takes about 5 minutes or more; longer if taken from the upper tributary before the bridge, that is, if the water is safe enough for the taking. The currents of the River can be tricky and one may have to navigate through massive boulders. Head gears and life vests are a must for safety purposes.


There are many caves in Danao. The most visited is the Francisco Dagohoy Cave because of its historical significance. Another declared safe to explore is the Kamira Cave.

The Francisco Dagohoy Cave served as the headquarters of Francisco Dagohoy and his men. Francisco Dagohoy led the Boholanos on a revolt against Spain. Spanning 85 years, it was the longest revolt in Philippine history.

The Kamira Cave is 477 meters long and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to explore. It is home to bats and freshwater crabs. There is an abundance of stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave which is breathtaking to behold in its perfection. Icy cold water flows through the caves.

There are still other activities worth mentioning such as river and mountain trekking, mountain biking and birding. One can also go up to the viewing deck and see magnificent sunrises and sunsets amidst the mountain ranges, the forests of Wahig-Inabanga watershed and its marvelous river ecosystem.

Still, the local government unit of Danao is not satisfied with the present scenario. It has up its sleeve another challenging activity: the Canyon Swing. The Canyon Swing will involve several jump combinations that includes a pendulum swing with a freefall.

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