Camiguin Infrastructure and Local Economy

The Camiguin infrastructure and local economy is both varied, advanced in some cases but lacking in some. The municipality of Mambajao is much ahead compared to the other towns.

It has the necessary infrastructures and its local economy is thriving because of the presence of upgraded facilities and trading establishments. Other towns have low economic standing and the poverty ratio is high.

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The National Power Corporation Hydroelectric Plant in mainland Mindanao provides electricity to the island through a 10.6 km submarine cable. The Camiguin Electric Coop receives the power from NPC via a transformer with a 5 MVA capacity and distributes it to all five (5) municipalities of the island. All barangays are already energized.


Telecommunication facilities in the island are operated by the Camiguin Telephone Cooperative (CAMTECO), believed to be the best facility in the country. The potential capacity of CAMTECO can reach 1024 subscribers without major expansion on its existing equipment. Optimum service thus is provided to more than 400 subscribers with 100% direct-dialling access to the NDD and IDD network. Local calls are metered to prevent unnecessary long use of phones.

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Telegraph services are provided by the government to the municipalities of Mambajao and Catarman. With regards to postal services, all municipalities have them with a total of 22 letter carriers.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV services are provided by the Camiguin Island Cable in the municipalities of Mambajao and Mahinog. There are no movie houses. For entertainment, video tapes are available for rent for those who have Betamax and VHS players.

Health Services

The government provides health services to three hospitals, rural health units and barangay health stations in the island. The Camiguin Island Hospital has a 100-beds capacity; Catarman District Hospital has 25 beds and Sagay Medicare Hospital, 15 beds. A wide range of health services covers emergency services, long-range health care, paediatrics and preventive health.


The Fatima College of Camiguin in Mambajao and a satellite college at Tangaro, Catarman of the Central Mindanao University in Musuan, Bukidnon offer college courses. The Camiguin Polytechnic State College offers vocational secondary education and two-year technical courses and is now considering offering classes in poverty studies and bio-diversity.

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There are gyms in the municipalities of Mambajao, Mahinog, Sagay and Catarman. The ABC gym in Mambajao is the only multi-purpose recreational center in Mambajao.


Camiguingnons, like most Boholanos, are cockfighting aficionados. Sundays and feast days are the usual cockfighting days. All municipalities in the island have their own cockpits or cock arenas which looks like mini-thunder domes with cages on the sides for the cocks. Cockfighting is a fight between two cocks of the Red Jungle Fowl variety to the death. A 3-inch razorblade is usually placed on the cock’s legs. The winner takes home the defeated cock which is made into a very tasty broth. Betting during the fights is rampant.

Basketball and Tennis Courts

Filipinos love basketball, and the Camiguingnons are no exception. Most of the well-to-do are into tennis, though; for tennis is a game which is a bit expensive. Basketball courts are found in every barangay and tennis courts in every municipality.

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Local Economy

Establishments in Camiguin are mostly engaged in wholesale and retail trade and services and are found in the capital town of Mambajao. There is practically no industry to speak of in the island. The people are into agriculture and fishing yet with limited arable land and dwindling marine resources, agricultural productivity is low as well as that of fish produce. The tourism industry is growing though with more and more people coming over to tour the place. But in spite of the growth in the tourism industry, poverty is still a distressing situation in the island; the highest even in Region X.

Poverty incidence of 81% of the total number of households surveyed is highest in the municipality of Guinsiliban followed by Sagay with 75% yet lower in Mambajao which is at 67%. Mahinog and Catarman have a 73% and 71% poverty incidence, respectively.


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