Cabilao Diving Guide

Cabilao Island has some of the best dive sites in the Philippines and offers a exciting dives for the more experienced.

Cabilao Island is south west of Pangangan Island across the Bohol Strait. A small island of Lo-on, Bohol. It is 1 hour 20 minutes boat ride by banca from Mactan Island, Cebu. Diving in the area is centered in front of the light house.

1. Housereef is a wall dropping down to 50 meters completely covered with beautiful hard and soft corals where the scorpion fish, tunas, jackfish, barracudas, frogfish and nudibranches are seen.

2. Sharks-Point is a plateau with a depth of 22 to 34 meters and home to the pygmy and the thorny seahorse with occasional sightings of the white and black tipped reef shark, napoleons, barracudas and jackfish.

3. Lighthouse is located next to Sharks-Point. It is a slope covered with sea grass and corals and sighted are Pegasus, seahorse ghost pipefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, stone fish, devil fish and leaf fish.

4. Fallen Tree is a wall dropping down to 60 meters and more, richly covered with gorgonian sea fans and black corals and home to barracudas, turtles, frogfishes and nudibranches.

5. Looc is a wall dropping down to 70 meters and ends into a sandy plateau where a variety of hard and soft corals abide. It is the habitat of innumerable microorganisms like shrimps, snails and numerous fish schools.

6. Cambaquiz is a wall dropping down to 90 meters which has a large overhang and many caves where baby sharks rest during the day.

7. Santa Cruz is a wall dropping off to 40 meters and found at the eastside of Cabilao Island where sea needles, ghost pipefish, harlequin ghost pipefish, shrimps and snails reside.

8. South-Point is a wall dropping down 35 meters and one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Visayas where a fascinating coral garden with table-like coral formations is found.

9. Coconut is a wall dropping down to 50 meters where sea gorgonian fans and black corals are seen. Large schools of barracudas and occasional black tipped reef sharks inhabit the place.

10. Rock-Point is a wall dropping down to 50 meters and borders a protected underwater area with several caves, incisions and overhangs where sea snakes, barracudas, large groupers, napoleon wrasses and snappers live.

Top of Cabilao Diving

Panglao/Napaling Dive
Doljo Point
Pungtud Wall
Danao/Habagat Wreck Dive Site
Danao/Garden Eels Dive Site
Tawala/House Reef Dive Site
Bolod/BBC Dive Site
Danao/Crystal Sanctuary
Tangnan/Momo Beach Dive Site
Doljo/House Reef
Kalipayan Dive Site
Arco Point (The Hole in the wall)
Cervera Shoal (Spaghetti Shoal)

Balicasag Island
Rico's Wall
Rudy's Rock
Black Forest
Cathedral Dive Site
Divers Heaven Dive Site

Pamilacan Island
Pamilacan Island-Northwest Side

Cabilao Island
Cabilao Diving

Danajon Bank or Double Barrier Reef
Danajon Bank