Crystal Sanctuary

The Crystal Sanctuary dive site is located at Danao, Panglao Island at its south side. It is only 400m away from Alona beach which can also be reached by motorized outrigger boats. Travel time for the boat takes only 1 minute. By far, this is the closest dive site to Alona beach. The dive consist of a wall at the beginning and the end sloping. It is an easy dive site for Open Water Divers or higher and a good spot for snorkelling with a depth that ranges from 3-25m. The area though has sanctuary restrictions.

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The dive spot is picturesque with beautiful hard and soft corals, schools of jacks, bat fish, big-eyed trevally, lone barracudas, big mouth mackerel, fusilier, surgeon fish, snappers and damsels. There are also lots of gobbies, nudibranches, coral pipefish, and mantis shrimp.

Top of Crystal Sanctuary

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