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Panglao Diving: Discover Underwater Wonders into the Depths of Panglao


Welcome to the captivating world of Panglao Island, a small coral paradise nestled near the southwestern tip of Bohol. When you are Panglao diving, prepare to embark on a breathtaking underwater adventure as we explore the remarkable diving opportunities this enchanting island has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring wonders of Panglao's northern and western reefs, renowned for their remarkable features. Picture a narrow and shallow reef platform, measuring 15-20 feet (5-6 meters) in depth, leading to a dramatic edge that gives way to perpendicular submarine cliffs, plunging to depths of 100-170 feet (33-56 meters).

As you descend into the vibrant depths, you'll discover a rich tapestry of marine life that calls this reef home. Marvel at the thick covering of hard and soft corals, including breathtaking varieties like branching table corals, sacrophyton, and lobophyton. Venture closer to the submarine cliffs, and you'll encounter schools of tuna, mackerel, and surgeonfish gracefully darting through the crystal-clear waters. At depths of 90-100 feet (30-33 meters), encounter the majestic presence of big snappers, groupers, and occasionally, the elusive black-tip sharks.

But the wonders of Panglao Diving extend beyond its captivating reef. Venture farther seawards, and you may be fortunate enough to encounter playful schools of dolphins and majestic pilot whales, dancing in harmony with the endless expanse of the sea. And don't forget to explore the coral gardens near the surface, inviting snorkelers to revel in their vibrant hues and teeming marine life.

However, the true treasures of Panglao Diving lie within its steep walls, adorned with an intricate network of caves, overhangs, and crevices that shelter an abundance of fish and mesmerizing invertebrate life. Prepare to be awestruck as you navigate through these natural wonders, witnessing the harmonious dance of colors and movements that fill every corner.

Join us as we uncover the most famous dive spots that Panglao Island has to offer, each one promising an unforgettable and immersive experience beneath the surface. Get ready to explore a world brimming with beauty, excitement, and the pure magic of Panglao diving.

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Kalipayan Dive Site Panglao Diving

Let's dive deeper into the enchanting Kalipayan Dive Site, nestled in the pristine waters of Danao, Panglao Island in the captivating province of Bohol, Philippines. Situated just 2 kilometers away from Belleview Rock Resort, this hidden gem can be easily reached within approximately 8 minutes by pump boat or outrigger boat, promising a convenient and swift journey to underwater wonders.

With a rating of 3 out of 5, the Kalipayan Dive Site offers a diverse and rewarding experience for Panglao Diving of varying skill levels. Its GPS coordinates, N.09°32.494-E.123°45.639, guide adventurers to this submerged paradise, while its bearing from the beach stands at 251°.

As you embark on your underwater exploration, the Kalipayan Dive Site unveils its allure in two distinct phases. The beginning of the dive presents a magnificent wall dive, where you'll find yourself surrounded by a stunning underwater vertical panorama. Marvel at the vibrant tapestry of corals clinging to the sheer face of the wall, providing a picturesque backdrop to your subaquatic adventure.

As the Panglao Diving progresses, the landscape gently slopes, revealing a whole new facet of the Kalipayan Dive Site. This gradual descent offers a more relaxed and leisurely experience, allowing divers to savor the breathtaking surroundings at a comfortable pace. The diverse marine life that flourishes along this sloping terrain will capture your imagination, inviting you to observe their fascinating behaviors up close.

One of the distinguishing features of the Kalipayan Dive Site is its suitability for snorkeling, making it an ideal destination for those who prefer to explore the wonders of the ocean's surface. The crystal-clear waters near the snorkeling area provide a glimpse into the colorful world beneath, teeming with vibrant corals and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. Snorkelers can relish the opportunity to interact with this underwater paradise, witnessing firsthand the harmony and beauty that nature has to offer.

Whether you're a novice diver or a seasoned PADI Open Water Diver, the Kalipayan Dive Site welcomes you with open arms. Its relatively easy dive conditions, combined with the abundance of marine life, make it an excellent choice for divers seeking a memorable and accessible experience. Here, you can hone your skills, gain confidence, and deepen your appreciation for the underwater realm.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Kalipayan Panglao Diving Site, where the convergence of natural beauty and underwater marvels creates an unforgettable journey. With its mesmerizing walls, inviting slopes, and opportunities for snorkeling, this enchanting site beckons you to uncover its hidden treasures and create lifelong memories in the heart of Panglao Island's underwater paradise.

Arco Point Panglao Diving

Known as the "Hole in the Wall," Arco Point is a truly unique diving destination that offers an enthralling experience. Its signature feature is a captivating cave that divers can enter at 9 meters and emerge from at 18 meters, transforming a simple dive into a fascinating exploration.

Inside the cave, the underwater realm is buzzing with life. Vibrant schools of Cardinal fish and Sergeant Major fish dart in and out of the rocky nooks, creating a lively spectacle. An encounter with elusive Black-finned Snake eels and the master of camouflage, the Raggy Scorpionfish, adds a touch of thrill and mystery. You might even spot the majestic Groupers, their presence as commanding as it is awe-inspiring.

As your journey continues, you'll encounter the energetic Wrasse and the graceful Butterfly fish, their vibrant colors and mesmerizing movements showcasing the abundant biodiversity of Arco Point. This impressive array of marine life makes every dive an unforgettable experience.

The most magical moment at Arco Point is when sunlight filters through the cave's opening, casting radiant beams that dance across the underwater terrain. This ethereal play of light and shadow, coupled with the diverse marine life, makes Arco Point a captivating dive site.

Arco Point illustrates the richness and variety of Panglao's underwater world. Its enchanting cave, abundant marine life, and ethereal underwater light show make it an irresistible destination for divers seeking an extraordinary underwater adventure.

Puntod Island Wall Panglao Diving

Embark on a captivating underwater journey at Puntod Island Wall Dive, a hidden gem tucked away on the southwestern side of Puntod Island, just a stone's throw from Panglao Island. Accessible by a 35-minute boat ride from the famous Alona Beach, this dive site is a splendid showcase of marine biodiversity.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by an extraordinary coral garden, starting at a shallow depth of 2 meters and sloping down to approximately 20 meters. This aquatic paradise is adorned with a wide array of corals, from the gently swaying soft corals to the textured leathery corals, and the intricately structured stony corals, all contributing to a vibrant underwater landscape.

The coral garden is home to an abundance of small fish species. The elegant Angelfish, comical Pufferfish, vivid Butterflyfish, and playful Wrasse fill the waters with color and activity, adding a sense of liveliness to the scene. This bustling ecosystem paints an enthralling picture of marine life, showcasing the mesmerizing harmony that thrives beneath the sea's surface.

Puntod Island Wall Dive stands as a testament to the marine splendor that enriches Panglao Island's waters. Its vibrant coral garden and fascinating array of small fish create a captivating underwater sanctuary that promises an unforgettable diving experience.

Doljo Point Panglao Diving

Experience the thrill and excitement of diving at Doljo Point, a captivating dive site nestled in the southwestern region of the beautiful Panglao Island. Known for its unpredictable currents, Doljo Point offers an exhilarating drift dive along a sandy slope that begins at 10 meters, leading to a stunning drop-off that plunges to depths of up to 40 meters, presenting an awe-inspiring underwater panorama.

This dive site is a hotspot for large pelagic fish, which thrive in its strong currents. Divers can expect to witness the elegant surgeon fish, schools of coordinated jacks, and the colorfully vibrant bat fish and trigger fish. Moreover, Doljo Point offers the chance to spot elusive creatures such as squid and even reef sharks on rare occasions.

The wall at Doljo Point reveals a rich tapestry of marine life, adorned with an impressive variety of sponges, vibrantly colored corals, and delicate soft corals swaying to the rhythm of the currents. The presence of large sea fans adds grandeur to this underwater scenery. Doljo Point stands as a testament to Panglao Island's dynamic underwater world, where the strong currents attract diverse marine life, making each dive an adventurous exploration of this spectacular underwater realm.

Doljo House Reef Panglao Diving

Nestled on the serene western side of Panglao Island, the Doljo House Reef is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by avid divers. Located at Doljo beach, this underwater marvel is situated about 15 kilometers away from the bustling Alona Beach. Traveling to this secluded diving site is quite straightforward and offers multiple transportation options. You can reach the spot within approximately 35 minutes by a charming native outrigger boat, adding a touch of local culture to your travel. Alternatively, a 15-minute car ride offers a quicker, land-based travel option for those who prefer it.

The Doljo House Reef is an ideal dive site for Open Water Divers and beyond. The underwater landscape is characterized by a breathtaking wall dive, showcasing the richness and diversity of the marine life in this part of the world. The wall is adorned with numerous types of hard corals that create an intricate mosaic of colors and textures, providing shelter to various marine species. Interspersed with sandy spots, these pockets of calm within the shallow waters form a unique ecosystem that captivates divers with its mesmerizing beauty and tranquility.

Diving at the Doljo House Reef is more than just an underwater adventure. It's a chance to engage with the remarkable underwater life in Panglao, offering divers a chance to witness the vibrant symbiosis of marine species and the mesmerizing formations of hard corals. It's an experience that will leave divers with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the underwater world.

Napaling Panglao Diving

Situated amidst the azure waters of the Bohol Sea, the Napaling Dive Site is truly a paradise for enthusiasts of underwater exploration, especially for photographers and snorkelers. Renowned for its stunning coral garden, this diving site unveils an aquatic utopia filled with black corals and an array of feather stars that paint a picturesque seabed.

The diverse marine terrain at Napaling Dive Site further extends to include overhangs and small caves, providing perfect hiding spots for a variety of fish species. Divers can expect to encounter soldier fish, scorpion fish, and anemone fishes nestled within these cavernous features, adding a sense of adventure to the dive.

Napaling Dive Site also serves as a gateway to witness the majestic white-tip sharks and elusive moray eels in their natural habitat. An additional highlight is the grandeur of the wall adorned with massive table corals, complimented by a profusion of vibrant anemones that bring a splash of color to the deep blue sea.

The diving conditions are typically calm, though some current may be present, adding an element of thrill to the diving experience. The visibility at the site extends up to a remarkable 30 meters, making it an ideal spot for observing and capturing the breathtaking beauty of the undersea world. Napaling Dive Site truly offers an unparalleled diving experience, making it a must-visit location for any diving aficionado.

Explore Panglao Island

Cervera Shoal Panglao Diving

Set off on an adventure to Cervera Shoal, colloquially known as "Snake Island" or "Spaghetti Shoal," a magnificent dive site that is a mecca for aquatic enthusiasts. Located a mere 9 kilometers southeast of the vibrant Alona Beach, reaching this unique destination requires a 50-minute journey aboard a native outrigger boat, adding a traditional touch to your excursion. As you navigate across the waters, anticipation of the spectacular dive that awaits you builds up.

Once you plunge into the clear waters, you'll discover why Cervera Shoal has earned its nicknames. This underwater haven is a sanctuary for a large population of black and white-banded sea snakes, gracefully moving amidst the coral formations. These mesmerizing creatures, known for their striking color patterns, add a sense of mystery and excitement to the dive experience.

In addition to sea snakes, Cervera Shoal is also frequented by various large pelagic fish. These majestic creatures, acclimated to the deep oceanic environment, offer divers unforgettable encounters. Witnessing these inhabitants of the deep blue in their natural habitat is a sight to behold and treasure.

The dive at Cervera Shoal features an average depth of 15 meters, extending to over 60 meters at its deepest points. This range of depths caters to a wide array of divers, from those who prefer shallow explorations to the more adventurous ones yearning to venture deeper. The underwater landscapes shift as you dive deeper, promising varied sights and experiences that add layers to your adventure.

Cervera Shoal stands as a testament to the biodiversity and marine spectacle that the waters around Panglao Island offer. Embarking on a dive here promises encounters with fascinating sea snakes, large pelagic fishes, and an exploration of the fascinating depths, making the journey to "Snake Island" a truly thrilling and unforgettable diving experience.

Garden Eels Panglao Diving

Embark on an enchanting underwater journey at Garden Eels, a superb snorkeling and diving site situated in Danao, Panglao Island. Just a stone's throw away from the beach, approximately 110 meters, it's a swift 3-minute outrigger boat ride to this hidden aquatic treasure.

Garden Eels presents a dynamic underwater terrain, featuring a steep slope that culminates in a breathtaking wall dive. Hovering over the wall is a magnificent coral garden, a stunning spectacle that adds to the site's charm. This lush aquatic landscape teems with a myriad of small fish, their vibrant colors and graceful movements providing a captivating underwater ballet for onlookers.

The most intriguing parts of the dive reside at a depth of 8-12 meters. As you delve into these depths, you'll be privy to the intricate details of the underwater ecosystem, observing firsthand the symbiosis among various marine species. Explorations below 25 meters are less awe-inspiring, as the most enchanting marine activities are concentrated closer to the surface.

Moreover, Garden Eels benefits from responsible fishing practices. Dynamite fishing, which poses a significant threat to marine life, does not plague this area. Consequently, the coral gardens and marine life thrive in a protected and serene environment, making your exploration of the site a unique and eco-friendly adventure. Whether you're snorkeling or diving, a visit to Garden Eels offers an intimate glimpse into the vibrant aquatic life of Panglao Island.

House Reef Panglao Diving

Situated at Alona Beach, the House Reef is a gem of a dive site that's perfect for beginners and snorkeling enthusiasts. Its location is conveniently close, just a mere five-minute journey that can be undertaken by native outrigger boat. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even swim out to it directly from the beach.

The House Reef boasts conditions that are conducive to a calm and enjoyable dive. There are no disturbing currents, and the visibility can extend up to 25 meters, offering an unobstructed view of the vibrant marine life below. The site's underwater inhabitants create a delightful spectacle. From small Cathedral fishes and Batfish to Frogfish and Garden eels, each species adds its unique charm to the seascape. Schools of Barracudas roam the waters, their streamlined bodies darting through the waters with ease.

But the spectacle doesn't stop with the fish. The reef is adorned with soft corals, pipe sponges, and nudibranches, each contributing to the colorful and diverse underwater landscape. A unique blend of sea life can be observed at the House Reef, but the most interesting marine activities can be found at a depth of 22 meters.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, or simply a snorkeling enthusiast, the House Reef at Alona Beach offers an accessible and enjoyable diving experience filled with breathtaking marine life. A trip to this underwater haven promises to be both engaging and educational, making it a must-visit spot for anyone exploring the waters around Alona Beach.

BBC Dive Site Panglao Diving

The BBC Dive Site, conveniently situated directly in front of the Bohol Beach Club, is a picturesque underwater retreat that's ideal for beginners or snorkeling enthusiasts. This delightful dive spot is a short, ten-minute ride away from Alona Beach by motorized banca, a type of traditional Filipino outrigger boat. Alona Beach is a mere 3.5 kilometers away, making the BBC Dive Site easily accessible for visitors staying in the vicinity.

Divers and snorkelers venturing to the BBC Dive Site can expect a serene and invigorating experience. Its calm waters and abundant marine life provide a perfect setting for those starting their diving journey. For snorkeling lovers, it offers an opportunity to explore the underwater world without the need for extensive training or equipment.

The site's proximity to the beach and the Bohol Beach Club makes it an attractive option for families or groups with varying levels of diving experience. It's also a great spot for a quick dive or snorkel session without straying too far from the amenities of the beach resort. Offering the right blend of accessibility and underwater beauty, the BBC Dive Site is indeed a worthy addition to your Bohol diving itinerary.

Crystal Sanctuary Panglao Diving

The Crystal Sanctuary dive site, conveniently nestled on the southern side of Danao, Panglao Island, is an underwater paradise just a stone's throw away from the bustling Alona Beach. Merely 400 meters away from the shore, it holds the distinction of being the closest dive site to Alona Beach.

Reaching this underwater haven is a breeze. A short, one-minute journey by motorized outrigger boat transports you from the lively atmosphere of Alona Beach to the tranquil beauty of the Crystal Sanctuary dive site. The close proximity allows for more flexibility in planning your diving adventures and maximizes your underwater exploration time.

Despite its closeness to the shore, the Crystal Sanctuary dive site is a world apart. The underwater environment offers divers a unique spectacle of marine biodiversity, hidden beneath the waves, waiting to be explored. It's a convenient yet secluded underwater retreat, making it a must-visit spot for those venturing into the waters around Panglao Island.

In a nutshell, the Crystal Sanctuary dive site offers divers an accessible, yet diverse diving experience. Its closeness to Alona Beach, combined with the enchanting underwater spectacle it offers, makes it an irresistible spot for divers exploring the waters of Panglao Island.

Momo Beach Panglao Diving

Situated on the northern side of Panglao Island, in Tangnan, is the tranquil Momo Beach dive site. Approximately 20 kilometers from the bustling Alona Beach, Momo Beach provides a contrasting experience with its serene and undisturbed beauty. Reaching this diving oasis is straightforward, whether you choose a leisurely 40-minute journey by motorized banca across the clear blue waters, or a swift 20-minute car ride through scenic routes.

Offering a blend of wall and slope diving, the Momo Beach site presents an engaging underwater landscape for divers to explore. With depths reaching up to 40 meters, the site caters to various skill levels, offering both a gentle slope and a dramatic wall for more experienced divers.

Snorkelers will also find Momo Beach a delightful spot. A rich and vibrant display of marine life awaits just below the surface at depths of 3 to 4 meters. Whether you're a seasoned diver, a snorkeling enthusiast, or a beginner eager to explore, Momo Beach provides a rewarding and accessible underwater journey.

In summary, the Momo Beach dive site on Panglao Island offers a captivating mix of tranquility, accessibility, and diverse underwater topography, making it a worthwhile destination for both diving and snorkeling activities.

Exploring the Depths: Unveiling Bohol's Scuba Diving Spots

Panglao: Napaling Dive; Doljo Point; Pungtud Wall; Danao/Habagat Wreck Dive Site; Danao/Garden Eels Dive Site; Tawala/House Reef Dive Site; Bolod/BBC Dive Site; Danao/Crystal Sanctuary; Tangnan/Momo Beach Dive Site; Doljo/House Reef; Kalipayan Dive Site; Arco Point (The Hole in the wall); Cervera Shoal (Spaghetti Shoal);
Balicasag Island: Rico's Wall; Rudy's Rock; Black Forest; Cathedral Dive Site; Divers Heaven Dive Site
Pamilacan Island:  Pamilacan Island-Northwest Side
Cabilao Island: Cabilao Diving
Danajon Bank or Double Barrier Reef:  Danajon Bank

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