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Majority of the people of Carmen town are educated, speaks English, Visayan and Tagalog. Out of 31,769 persons, from 10 to 120 years old, only 261 are illiterate and 62% of these are males. The literacy rate is 98%.

Under the Department of Education, the Carmen District operates a total of 6 primary schools, 26 elementary schools, and 5 national high schools distributed in the different barangays of the municipality.

Aside from these public schools, the municipality is home to the St. Anthony’s Academy, a private school run by the Bohol Association of Catholic Schools. For college education, only the Bohol Institute of Technology (BIT) offers this academic pursuit in Carmen.

There are 231 teachers in the Carmen district spread over the different schools with the teacher to pupil ration of 1:27. Most of the town’s population finished elementary education and almost half of them proceeded to attain secondary education. Yet due to financial constraints, only a few made it to college and obtain academic degrees.

With regards to health services, the town has a district hospital, the Congressman Simeon G. Toribio Memorial Hospital. The hospital does not serve only the Carmen town populace but also other municipalities surrounding it. With a 50 bed capacity, it is manned by 7 doctors, 13 nurses, 1 midwife, 1 dentist, a pharmacist and a medical technologist.

It also has 12 Barangay Health Stations manned by midwives in cooperation with the Barangay Health Workers. The Carmen Health Office, which is also a birthing clinic, has 1 doctor (municipal health officer), 1 public health nurse, 12 rural health midwives, 1 dentist, 1 medical technologist and 3 rural sanitary inspectors. Carmen town has generally a clean bill of health with no epidemic occurrences in the town for the past years.

Safe water is fairly accessible to all and provided by the Community Water System although a small percentage still depend on the river, stream or lake for water. Others have their own artesian, deep and shallow wells. 98% of the total households have sanitary toilets.

The people of the town are encouraged to dispose of their garbage properly with composting as the basic practice although those in the Poblacion and the barangays along the highway resort to sanitary landfill practices.

Carmen town is relatively peaceful! Crime rate is very low at about 3% and there is no reported incidence of insurgencies per police files. Crime is mostly due to theft. Carmen police force has a police to population ratio of 1:3,495 with 1 police woman assigned for women’s and children’s desk.

For sports and recreation, the town has the Carmen Sports Complex where the town’s sports activities are held. The town has only 1 tennis court yet 35 basketball courts are spread over the different barangays of the town. Basketball is the favorite pastime of the youth, and during fiestas, basketball tournaments are often held.

Newly built is the Carmen Cultural Center which plays host to programs of the municipality and cultural presentations especially during the fiesta celebrations and other special occasions of the town.

Communication facilities thru the use of cellular phones are provided by Globe and Smart with their towers found along the highway in the Poblacion. Other facilities are landline telephone, postal and telegraphic services, VHF radios and internet.

Local transportation is thru a “habal-habal” or motorcycles-for-hire. Buses from coast to coast stopover at the Carmen Public Market as well as vans from Tagbilaran and Tubigon. Roads are relatively good although gravel and earth paved. The National Road though are cemented or asphalted and are very well maintained.

The Bohol Electric Cooperative (BOHECO) provides electricity throughout the municipality with 100% energization program among the 29 barangays. A few households though do not have the luxury of electricity and still uses crude means to light up during nighttime.

Reference: The official website of the Municipality of Carmen


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